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This is Amy Chaney with Chaney Construction a home builder Amarillo. And I wanted to talk to you about the second core value of Chaney Construction not core value is work efficiently, working smarter and not harder is the road to efficiency, stop and think things through and map out your path to success. Why is this such an important core value to us at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo? Well, it absolutely goes hand in hand with the commitment that we make to each and every one of our homeowners. And no matter how big or small the job is, and this is just a value that we believe in knowing that you are being efficient and helps make things beyond time helps deadlines be met. And, but that efficiency also means that we’re getting things right the first time and, you know, we’re stopping we’re thinking things through, we’re figuring out what those instructions say, you know, by an unpopular belief, my husband is very adamant. I know, this is like, totally against the cliche, but very adamant about reading the instructions on something that you don’t know how to do.

And in fact, that is something he tells us guys, you know, read the instructions five times before you start on this. So that way you truly understand. And if you don’t understand by Tom number five, read it five more times, until you know that you understand exactly how to do something. So that that week, it’s done right the first time because it’s a lot easier to do things right the first time with some preparation than it is to have to go back and fix something because you didn’t know what you were doing and this is what we stand by as a Home Builder Amarillo. Because you didn’t take that time to stop and prepare. So stopping and preparing, reading those instructions, making sure that you know exactly what your game plan is how you’re going to get something done, you know, spending the that extra time at the beginning saves a lot of time in the end. And so I know that sounds a little bit backwards, you know, if you spend an hour prep, preparing for something that’s going to take you 30 minutes, how did that help? Well, if you just rush rush into it, and you take that 30 minutes to do it, and it’s not right, it’s definitely going to take you 2345 times longer to go back in and fix that correctly.

ou know, and if it’s a part or a fixture or something that has been installed, you know, it might be to the point that it’s not repairable, you can’t go back and fix it. So now our team at Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo are having to order that in new and now that time is taking us weeks on end. And so that’s how that saves time. And so it’s just that preparation, that forward thinking, Okay, if I do this, what’s the outcome going to be if I do it this way? What’s the outcome going to be, you know, kind of mapping out that path to success, really stopping and thinking what, you know, in order, if I do these things this way, what’s the outcome going to be. And so just taking that time to think through all of those things that forward thinking and thinking all the way through to the end, you know, you might figure out, oh, hey, so this might make it a little bit easier to do. Or this might help us a little bit more in this area. And that forward thinking is absolutely crucial. And being prepared is absolutely crucial. You know, thinking about the day in advance, knowing what you’ve got coming up, what you what fires might get in the way, all of those things are absolutely crucial, and being able to complete time projects on time.

And so mapping out that path to success is something that, you know, my husband does every day, something he comes into work early before anyone else does, where there’s quiet time. And so he can think about his day and get instructions and plans together for his for his team for our employees, and letting them know what the day holds. And giving them tips and tricks and information about how they’re going what they’re going to need and how they’re going to be able to complete a task, you know, you’re going to need adult trailer, you’re going to need a jigsaw, you’re going to need these things. And so he always leaves a set of things that they’re going to need and in order to help them with their preparation, and they’re thinking it through and making sure that you know, they’re being efficient. And so that efficiency is extremely important. And, you know, it takes some time to save some time is kind of another motto that goes in hand in hand with that, and that is truly what we believe in. And, you know, that’s just one of those things, if you rush into it, there’s so many errors that can be made. And it just the product outcome is just not going to be there the way as a Home Builder Amarillo we would like for it to be.

And so there’s just a level of commitment you’re going to receive from Chaney Construction, no matter how small or larger project is, whether you’re building a you know, million dollar home or you have a $20,000 little project it makes no difference. It’s still the same level of commitment and service that you’re going to receive from the guys at Chaney Construction. And that’s something that as a Home Builder Amarillo that as a Home Builder Amarillo we are very proud to stand by that commitment and knowing that what we’re doing is the most efficient and most effective. We truly enjoy everything that we get to do and be a part of here at Chaney Construction.