Home Builder Amarillo | When the Builder Doesn’t Work for You

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Here at Chaney Construction we see it all the time, people start out with the home builder Amarillo has most available to them. These people they come from the big city. Most of these folks live in a rural area. And they want this home builder out of a big city to come and build a new home for them. And then they come to us. Why? Because they are not happy. Most often these individuals and couples are not happy with the price. They are not happy with the level of service that they are receiving. They are not happy with the fact that the builder does not listen to what they want and need, they are just not happy of wrong.

So this actually happens to us all the time. You can take a look at our website and find out what great and wonderful things people are saying about Chaney Construction by clicking on our testimonials page and seeing for yourself. You can also take a look out our google reviews and see all the happy clients and how they came to chose Chaney Construction. So the question that usually comes to us as can you build this for cheaper? Surely this is not the process I am going to have to pay for my home? Well, that is not an easy answer.

So Chaney Construction definitely takes great pride in the quality of work that we do, the integrity that we put behind to every single home that we build is superb to any other. And so we stand behind that we know that we are done, the quality of how at Chaney Construction built is better than you are going to receive from any other Home builder Amarillo.

So that our level of commitment now that level of commitment also comes with a price. And so being ready to pay for things to be done right the first time, it is usually your best bet as home owner. So having that realistic expectation that you are going to have to pay a premium to have great subcontractors to have a great builder to have a great person to help with your design, all of those things, they do have my surprise, but you will know right away whether or not at Chaney Construction we are good fit for you.

You will know about the questions that we asked, you will know by the amount of time that we spend going over your plans and identifying problems and helping you to identify any problems that you might see now or in the future and things that just do not work for you.

So you can take that, you know, we take that set of plans, as a Home builder Amarillo we go over it front to back forward, backwards. We make sure that this home is actually what he means and what he wants to buy. And, you know, some people’s needs and wants can align and they do a lot in when they are done properly. We are able to take that and come to a realistic budget for you.

Now, that may mean that you might eat to sacrifice a few areas that are not necessarily as important to you. And those are all fantastic for you to be able to be in budget and on your projects on your home. And to be comfortable with the amount of money that you are going to spend. Not to mention, and we are just good old people from a small-town community. And, you know, we just we feel the pressure and pain of competing against a big city builder. But yeah, we do not cave to that with our quality or our integrity.

And it would be so easy for us to just build a home on the cheap and skip and cut corners. But that is just not what we are about. At Chaney Construction we are about building quality and integrity in the level of trust that you are going to receive when you hire us to be your Home builder Amarillo. So Chaney Construction have been Proudly serving the Texas Panhandle as a Home builder Amarillo for the last 13 years. At Chaney Construction we know that we have made a name for ourselves in the in the quality of work that we do.

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Chaney Construction stands by that we know that at the end of the day, our homeowners are happy and we know that you are going to be happy as well as our home both homeowner at one of our homes. And as a Home builder Amarillo we want to give you your needs and your wants all combined into one beautiful dream home. And that is what we do. We help filter and we know that we do that better than other home builders and a real Texas. We are confident of that we know that people come to us. Because they are not happy with the original builder. They end up going with us because they know that they have made the right choice.

They made the decision to go with someone who may contrast. But to me these folks know we will do a great job for them. And so that is what protests about the rest. So at Chaney Construction may not build as many homes as other Home builder Amarillo options but that is okay.

At Chaney Construction we know that the homes that we do build to be here are great quality. They receive our attention and dedication more than any other. We just finished up a build earlier this year that this very thing we are talking about happened. They had chosen another home builder out of Amarillo initially. It is safe to say that they were not happy with the way things were going. So they ended up trying to find someone else to help them build their forever home. To say that they are happy with their decision is an understatement.