So more about the warehouse that we bought here at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo. And so he’s like, well, it used to be like a grocery depot, which it did, it was a J.M Radford wholesale grocery. And that was when the building was originally built. That was the use for it. Mr. Radford out of Abilene built that grocery depot, and then he was used to be a moving company and so on, so forth, which is really intriguing to us as a Home Builder Amarillo. And then he told my husband a little bit about what he did in it. And so my husband goes, Oh, that’s great. And he was like, Yeah, and I hear like, some guy used to live here and blah, blah, blah. You know, between all this has don’t really know anything about that and believe me and so it has been, you know, and I’m like, oh, gosh, here we go. Oh, gosh, for my husband doesn’t say anything. And so, as we’re continuing on, and he’s kind of showing us that, but we’re looking at, we’re at leaks, and this and that as a Home Builder Amarillo. And so he’s telling you about the issues with the gutters. So my husband goes, Yes, I understand. So like, if you don’t keep those gutters cleaned out, it will flood the roof. And the guy looks at him and here and he’s like, I’m so how do you know that injuries? Like I told you, I’m pretty familiar with the building as a Home Builder Amarillo.

So as time goes by, and all of this and words cheering it more and to my husband is I did you know that this place used to be a meth lab. And it was actually shut down in 2004. And there was a meth lab here. And it got busted in 2004. And the guy was like, No, I did not know that. But I would be willing to bet that the guy lived here probably was the guy that had the meth lab. And my husband was like, maybe so we continue on. And, and I’m thinking we’re going to get out of this building without my husband throwing in his little shock value that he loves to do so much. And so asking, how much you selling for what part what, what of it, he is going to sell, if anything, what how much property there is, etc. And so before we leave, and I’m thinking, you know, the price was fantastic. It was a great price. We couldn’t have been happier with the price. But I think you were about to walk out of this without the shock. And coming to this poor man, and that know, my husband throws a curveball. And he says, Well, I’m the guy that used to live here. And the gentleman is just shocked, like most people are, and oh my gosh, like, look at you now. Like, this is awesome. Like you’re sober now. And he does doesn’t even know what to say. And it’s absolutely hysterical. And I’m like, Oh my gosh, this is my husband. This is only the only person that can get away with this. And so we shook hands with even just let him know that we would get in contact with him. If we were interested in the building and we get into the truck and I am like about to start strangle you My husband and I want you are the man that literally is like Yes, we’ll take it long before we can even have a discussion about it like you’re just like impulsive like we asked will take it yes we’ll take it and you are telling him you will think about it I was like what is wrong with you?

Why did we not like handshake that we were buying the place today and my husband’s like what why what would we do with it and I’m like what would we not do with it I don’t care if we only use it for storage or we don’t do anything with the prizes amazing the roof needs a little bit of repairs but we can make it work and but you this is where you started like this is the big the end and the beginning all at the same time. It’s like the Alpha and the Omega of your story like this is where the beginning of your end and your end of your beginning all began like how do you not understand like is that like a story of overcoming like for you to own the place where you were busted where the new you began in the old you ended like that is phenomenal. That’s mind blowing to me. And he was like, you’re right. It really is. And you know, it’s so the whole way to Oklahoma, Tulsa, Oklahoma that that afternoon, my husband tells me all the stories about the building again, some I’d heard multiple times, maybe some that I hadn’t, but they were all in relation to that building. And he’s telling me about the weight system that used to be in there and how he took that way system out. And now he wished he had never done that because it would be really neat to have the original weight system with the building there.

And so just all of these things and so we kind of start just thrown around some ideas like what if we moved our Chaney Construction office over there as a Home Builder Amarillo? What if we used it as our shop and offices and floors and more warehouse What if we did this What if we did that what if we moved for some more over there What if we did all of these things like that might be a great way to to like get started over there I’m like there’s just there’s a million things that we could potentially do with this place as a Home Builder Amarillo and so that’s where we really started kind of brainstorming and we’re like wow you know these things would take some money and so maybe different marketing tactics and this regard and Chaney Construction would be more ideal because we really don’t have like a want to walk in customers and you know people usually call us they find us and other means a lot of our clients never even set foot inside of our office period but you know be really cool we could do some like really big marketing spins and we could have tours and more over there but it would take so much marketing efforts and so really we just start throwing around all of these ideas and then we purchased Hall Heating & Air and it’s like okay well we you know can use that space to store some of our Hall Heating & Air stuff and so on and so forth and so it’s just really been just a matter of kind of just some brainstorming and trying to figure out the logistics of everything