Home Builder Amarillo | Perfect Pot Roast for you

Everyone is quite aware that Sundays are our family dinner nights, as a Home Builder Amarillo this is very important because we are so very busy. You guys have heard me talk about that on these blogs and multiple times. And so today, I’ve got some pot roast in the oven. And so this is one of my favorite recipes and all our family at Chaney Construction. And unfortunately, I have to go to chuck roast at a time in order to feed the entire bunch. And if there’s going to be part of the bunch, I can make it in one. But otherwise I have to do too. And so right now we’re just crossing our fingers only have one Dutch oven and and usually the best pot roast are made with the Dutch oven with the lid on em. It just does something fantastic to the Czech rose. I guess it just contains all that heat and moisture. And they turn out tremendously. And so I don’t have to Dutch ovens today though, and I was having to improvise in a hurry. I didn’t have time to the store to buy another one. I have no other one got left behind. And a move.

It’s just been kind of crazy wellness. But anyway, so I’ve got another one just in a regular baking dish with a in a cooking liner to kind of help maybe holding some of that sheet and moisture, as a Home Builder Amarillo that’s me going above and beyond. And so we’ll see. I guess it’ll be a battle of the two pot roast and see which one comes out better. Who knows. Maybe the baking dish one will come out better than all know for next time. And so Carlos is one of my favorite meals. It’s super easy. But the way I make it might be just a little bit harder for some, but it’s fantastic. So I take about a three pound chuck roast, let that fall out. And usually I put my chuck roast in the refrigerator from the night but like the night before, and then they’re still pretty frozen the next morning when I before I go to church. So I stick them in the kitchen sink. And to let them finish thought I am usually I go to church and then go to the grocery store. And then come home and start my chuck roast.

So they should be good thought about the word was fantastic timing. I think nine out about eight o’clock. Yeah, about 730 this morning. So I got back home about 230. And they were good thought out. And so I take my chakras, take my Dutch oven, get it good hot with some olive oil. And the bottom of it. Some extra virgin olive oil. And I turn up the heat on that. What’s that gets to sizzling. I see here that chuck roast on all sides. And make sure you get all the sides edges. Everything. I’ve just good brown seared. And then I removed the chuck roast. And after it’s been seared on all sides. And I put it on a usually a cutting board to let it kind of rest for a minute. And I add a little bit more extra virgin olive oil, I put some minced garlic and with all of oil. And typically if you could have again, this is the part where you would take your ideas dices up and throw those in and let those and get nice and clear. But my husband can’t have any other so as a Home Builder Amarillo at Chaney Construction we always have to forgo that any of this which is just fine. And nobody ever misses them. It’s not a big deal. And so I let that let the admin Scarlet get very flavorful. And then I just pour in some red wine.

And always keep bottle of red wine around. And so I just pour in some red wine about a cup. Maybe a little more and depending on the size of my rose. And then I kind of just use a wooden spatula to scrape the bottom of the pan and get that good indeed glazed. And then I take em some celery that I’ve already chopped up. Just cut it into chunks. And I throw those in as well. And let those just kind of have to fight for burst open and those and what’s that is good and been hot. And salaries you started to kind of similar Just a minute. Then I scraped the salary cut half it one on each half on one side, half on the other. And then I put my partner or my check rose that has had the edges seared well I season at first lots of salt, lots of pepper. And then I have a big head jag of Italian seasoning blend of you know, just last season it really well with that. And I see some ID on one side. And then I flip that side bottom down into the into the Dutch oven. And, you know, turn the heat off by this point. And then I season the top side of my chuck roast. And then I add my carrots. And on top of that salt and pepper the carrots just a little bit more just to pay extra measure. And then I put beef broth. I just for an fyi, as a Home Builder Amarillo, I brought them there to get to basically the top of that chuck roast. I don’t want to flood out all my seasonings that I basically just do that kind of get the carrots down around in the side. So that way they’re kind of in the broth and red wine.

And then make sure it looks like it’s good to season my husband loves sees me he does not like for anything to be bland. So I might season in an extra time. After the beef broth. And the end I sucked the lid on it and stick that thing in the oven. And I don’t touch it again for at least three hours. And about three hours in I will just cut open the center of it and take a look to see if it’s getting cooked or not. But usually by three hours. It’s really hard to even just having like it’s falling apart. So like I you know, like if you were to stick a fork in it, try to pull it up to see what the middle look like if it was pink or not. Like it’s usually just falling apart. So and that’s just a good indicator that your checklist is ready. And I’m telling you it is the best pot roast that you could possibly imagine. And every once in a while. And my husband is gluten intolerant. So as a Home Builder Amarillo at Chaney Construction we do have to do things gluten free in our house. And so every once in a while I will if I have a can of gluten free cream of mushroom. I might add that. And also just to make the sauce a little bit more thicker. Because know that juice and everything’s going to kind of end with all that broth and it gets kind of watery. So sometimes I’ll put a can or maybe two of the cream of mushroom just to kind of give it some thickness to that natural sauce. It’s got to meet and that’s it. And we’re going to have mashed potatoes and homemade mac and cheese and it’s wonderful. As a Home Builder Amarillo all of us at Chaney Construction hope everyone has a great Sunday afternoon.