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This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

While watching the news recently about all of the wildfires that are going on in California and seeing all the post and all the pictures and videos of the people that live there, it really made me stop and take a second to think about what you do in insurance claims situations. So, let’s say that you have a fire in your home.

What are some of the steps that you would want to take in order to be able to pick up the pieces after such a tragic event. So as a Home Builder Amarillo TX Chaney Construction has been working on insurance claims for many, many years now. And so, in the event of a fire, or I total loss claim, or just a water damage or a league chain contraction is very experienced, and how to help you pick up the pieces again.

So, let’s say that you haven’t fire one of the things that you would want to do is to make sure that you take pictures and inventory of your home and your contents and everything that is in it. And that has been damaged due to the fire. So, the insurance company is going to send out a claims adjuster, and then they’re going to help you with all those steps.

But you’re definitely going to want to take those beginning steps to get started on picking up the pieces again, so making sure that you have proper documentation. So as a Home Builder Amarillo TX Chaney Construction can go in and help you make all the necessary documentation. So let’s see that you have a fire and the fire department comes and you they, you know, put the fire out.

And so now not only do you have fire and smoke damage, but now you also have water damage. So, Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo TX can come in and help you with the water and mitigation so that way it does it create more problems with the remaining parts of the structure due to water damage.

So Chaney Construction can construction can come in and setup equipment to help get all of that area tried out, as well as, you know, contacting the proper people to be able to help you get the place cleaned up and you know, be able to remove the damaged parts of the structure and get those temporarily weathered in that way you can there’s not more damage to your home due to extreme weather conditions.

Or just being kind of open outside to the elements and so will help you get everything boarded and kind of set back up to where you can know that there’s not going to be any further damage from just that, you know, damaged part of the home that was destroyed. So, in flood and water leak type situation, Chaney construction a Home Builder Amarillo TX can also come in with the water mitigation equipment and the drying the extraction equipment and all of that and will help will fill out all the documentation of the things that need to be submitted to your insurance company to make sure that you’re properly paid for the usage of all of that.

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This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

And so we work with the insurance company on that to get that directly paid, and, you know, paid for for you and get everything kind of dried and weathered back in and get, you know, pull out what sheet rock and keep, you know, to mold treatments, pull out dry or wet carpet padding and things of that nature.

Some people have really great tips for people that have been victims of a fire a wildfire, things of that nature, you’re going to want to set up a p o box and a place that you can have all of your mail forwarded to if the structure is damaged enough, then you’re going to want to get utilities temporarily shut off to your home and make sure that the only utilities that you have are temporary ways to be able to get the home back in order.

You don’t want to have you know, your cable and things like that you can put temporary freezes on those that we are not paying for unnecessary utility services to a home that you can’t even live in at the time, I mean, you know, you’re going to want to, so you’re going to want to make sure that you put hold on all of those things.

Another thing that you need to do is you need to make sure that you’re keeping track of all of your receipts or any type of expense that you incur during this time of loss to your structure to the property you’re going to want to keep all proper receipts and documentation.

So you’re going to want to you know, keep set all that stuff in a safe place, you’re going to want to have your mail forwarded to p o box so that we all have your insurance documents and any type of payments that the insurance company pays to you can all come to a p o box as opposed to your home that you’re not living at the time.

So these are all really great steps and tips and tricks and things that you can do in the event of a fire structure fire, wildfire things I you know those types of losses. It’s a Home Builder Amarillo TX we definitely can help you with that. It was some years back that we actually helped rebuild a home. It was for some folks that lost their home in a wildfire. That was something that we were very proud to come in and step in and help them do. To rebuild their home and you know why it was better than it was before.

And that’s, you know, a fantastic thing to come out of such a horrible incident for them to have happen in their lives.As a Home Builder Amarillo we are able to work with financial institution.  We also have a recommended insurance company to help make that be something that came to be for them and so that’s what makes it the best in Amarillo, and the best in the Texas Panhandle.