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This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

What makes us the best. So here’s a really great story of what makes us better than any other Home Builder Amarillo that is out there. So right now we are working with a client who had already found a home builder in Amarillo that has helped them with their plans. They used bear draftsman and to drop some plans.

This is the second time that they’ve drawn up the plans. And the homeowner has clearly stated tasks that they’re just not in love with plans. And here’s the reasons why they’re not in love with the plans. First of all, struggle is home builder. And it built homes for show we build homes that supply all of your needs.

So this home builder build them a home that was just not something they love. They love to entertain the live in a small town kitchen is important to them, the kitchen cooking all of those aspects, the kitchen is extremely small, there’s very few cabinetry, especially upper cabinets, so it’s just not feasible.

The bathroom is 19 feet long. The master bathroom that’s a huge bathroom, that’s a ton of wasted space, there is so much wasted space in the outdoor porch. And the different areas of the home that just do not function on the four year is enough to be a small bedroom. But they don’t really need that for years. The dining room is overly big. And it’s not an area of the home that they use on a daily basis. So it’s something that they use on a seasonal basis like holidays and family get togethers, birthday parties, things like that.

Just not something that they would even use every single day. The way it said. So this homeowner has had these plans for several years now. And because they just don’t love them, they never pulled the trigger and started building a home the home is just more than what they need. And it’s more like a showpiece and less like they’re called a functional piece of their lives that they’re very happy with.

So we visited with the homeowners take a look at the plans, identified some things that we just didn’t feel like worked took the homeowners on a couple of tours of some homes that we’ve built recently showed them some features in those homes that were some of the features that they wanted and 10 foot ceiling, large doors, things like that. We showed them all other options. And let them kind of make a choice as to whether it all those things they still wanted.

But while viewing what are the homes ensuring that they realize they really liked the living space. And one of those have. So they knew that their plans were just not right for them. So we spoke with a hunger and we found out what parts of it they still felt like did not work which had all those parts and pieces that work and do not work and and as a Home Builder Amarillo we were able to compile those and get this sent off to our architect, our draftsman and let him take a stab at making these plans and for their dream home.

And we are confident that at the end of this journey, this will be the third tab at these plans drawn at we are confident that the end of that journey, they are going to realize that this is what makes us the best Home Builder Amarillo. We have a fantastic draftsman, we did fantastic team to help them work through their needs and their desires and turn this into their treatment.

Home Builder Amarillo | The Plans Done Well Need Not Change Much If At All

This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

So we know that at the end of the day, having this plan Sean up again, for the third time is going to be their best option, it’ll be their best option because it’ll be money well spent. And it’ll help them reduce the cost of what it’s going to take you to build the show that they currently have plans for, versus building the home of their dreams that fit their needs.

So as a Home Builder Amarillo know that by feeding their needs, this is going to be very well spits we’re going to start all over, we’re going to send the survey plan that shows where what this has the property is let our architect take a look at all of the likes and dislikes the current plan and and figure out how to build them the home of their dreams.

Figure out what that home is really going to look like and build that new on plans. So take taking that from paper to real life is really going to be a huge benefit for them. So just building a home that they just weren’t in love with you build a home that you’re not in love with the plans you’re never going to be in love with our home.

It’s never going to feel like hope it’s never going to be that warm and cozy. And there’s going to be regrets and that’s what the even as a Home Builder Amarillo changing construction does not lie to build regret.

We don’t want to build a home that at the end of the day Thank you know why I wish I’d have done things differently. We don’t want you to think that way. We want you to think this is perfect to there’s nothing that would have done differently.

Not one single thing that’s our motto. We want you to know that you know for the beginning stages the plant to the very end when you walk in that helmet booth and we want you to know that this is the home that she always wanted. As a Home Builder Amarillo we want you to feel like you’re helping what you love your home.

So that’s what makes us different than other filters. That’s what makes us unique is that we really care and listen. We want them to have a kitchen that’s worth entertaining as we want them to have a living space that feels right to them. It doesn’t feel too big or too low or too crowded. And so we are excited to be able to take them on this journey and to be able to find their needs real brief those into reality.