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Have you ever gone to Home Depot and seeing a Delta shower faucet is so much cheaper than maybe what your contractor is wanting to sell, you are have installed in your home. Have you ever wonder why that? Is you ever wondered? What is the difference? The model numbers the same, it says Delta, it looks identical. These are all great questions. And these are questions that our team have come up quite often and to every time we are doing a new build or remodel. And as a Home Builder Amarillo our team always want to make sure that we educate our customers educate our homeowners about what the difference really is. So all of the big brands stores like Home Depot, Lowes, things like that, and Bernard places like that yet they tell Delta faucets and I am are just using Delta as an example for this. But did you know that delta has will make the exact same product with the exact same model number one and a professional grade material level at one that they cheap in the material level in order to be able to sell it at places like Home Depot, or Lowes, etc.

So you have the exact same spot the exact same model number. But yeah, it is built with different components and this is something that all of us at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo are aware of. So the biggest thing difference that you will be able to see right off the bat, if you were to take a professional grade faucet with a faucet that you bought at Home Depot is lifting the box up, and you will be able to tell real quickly that one is way heavier than the other. And that is a huge indicator that the type of materials that were used to make that boss are quite different. And the reason for this is the places like Home Depot or Lowes can lower their pricing on it. And so you feel like you’re getting the same thing, but you are not.

And so why this is such a big deal is because as a Home Builder Amarillo Chaney Construction provides a warranty, those types of things. And so as the home builder that will be coming out to repair those things under warranty, and the warranty is a lot less for something that was purchased in Home Depot. So we’re not able to really warranty that because it is of lesser great quality. And so we’re putting, Chaney Construction can have the same warranty on something that is not a professional grade. And you know, delta is a fantastic company and to you know, accepting stops working correctly, or something starts leaking on your shower faucet, or any of your classes or fixtures. And Delta’s going to send to replacement parts for free quickly. So that way my husband and I can get over there and get those things fixed to get you back up and running with your faucets and fixtures. And so with those things being purchased through some Place Like Home Depot, and the warranties entirely different.

And for us to be able to continue to keep coming over and over again to work on a faucet that is not good quality. And that is just not feasible. As a Home Builder Amarillo and plumbers do not like to install things and that were purchased from Home Depot or Lowes or any of those other stores like that. And but the same goes for a lot of things and you know, your appliance, your mattresses, even all kinds of things, these big companies these and that produce these things also produce a level of quality and that is more affordable but yet last equality and one of the biggest things that we see have a downgrade in the materials is in toilets and toilets have, you know, every one is down to 1.28 gallons per minute. And when it comes to flesh for the government, and they kind of regulate that. And so, these companies like Kohler and Elton places like that they lower the flushing mechanism, they lower the quality in that and my husband and I know that as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction.

So when you buy a toilet that looks identical on the outward, it is the end part that inside of it, the part that actually works actually flushes your toilet that that level of quality has been downgraded on and you know, with such low flow toilets nowadays, you really can’t afford to not spend the money to get the professional quality one and to make sure that you know that your products are going to work correctly. And so this is just something that we see time and time again and especially you know, because we have things like Pinterest and house you know people get on there and they see these these really cheap prices all this online shopping and they think well why am I having to pay so much for this and and that is why you’re paying for the pool level of quality and the warranty on it. And you know it is kind of a built in class but you know for us to be able to warranty those types of plumbing fixtures and we’re going to have to make sure that it is a professional great quality and so that is what us at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo recommends that you all fixtures be purchased through you know verify dealers and so everything that Chaney Construction purchase says is a good professional quality and that is just how we are able to provide you with the best type of service. Make sure that you check out our website at www.chaneyconstructiontx.com so you can take a look at what people are saying about us and how proud they are to have great quality professional products in their home!