Home Builder Amarillo | Be a Proud Mom

Yesterday was a fantastic day for me as a mom. Being a mom is like the most important thing in my life. And I love being a Home Builder Amarillo but being a mom really just takes the whole thing. And so we’ve got two seniors in high school. And so right now the school has been having them to activities that get them in preparation for for college. So they’re completing different tasks, things that they know that they will need in order to get ready for college with the real world or an IT school or a job or whatever it may be. And so one of those tasks that they’re having them complete is they are asking and past employers and teachers and current teachers and current employers to write them letters of recommendation. And I have had the honor and privilege of reading a few of those that have come in for our two seniors. And let me tell you, there is nothing, nothing that can make a mom more proud than to read recommendation letters for her children. You know, I we try our very best.

And we think that we have good kids. And we think that we know and you know, but at the end of the day, there’s just so many things that go on that causes to Tao, are we doing this right? Are we being good enough parents? are we teaching our kids the things that they really need to know? Are they getting it? Are we doing them a disservice. So what have we missed? You know, are they going to be okay, in life? How are they as human beings, like, where are we missing the ball, but to read those letters, and to have confirmation that the things that we are doing the things that we taught our children, the things that they are learning, whether it’s from us as a Home Builder Amarillo, or not the environment that they are growing from, to see those letters and to know that that’s confirmation that they’re in a good place, they’re doing good, they’re doing great things that is just absolutely phenomenal.

And it’s something that just makes my mom part so proud, so proud to read the things that people what they think about our children and what they see, and the growth that they’ve seen happen in our children, for these people. And, you know, to have them compliment them on their level of respect, and their level of, you know, dignity and their level of grace and willingness to help others. And, you know, they’re just the ability, their leadership abilities, just to see all of these things commented on is truly wonderful as a parent, and you know, this, these are things that we try to teach our Chaney Construction employees as a Home Builder Amarillo as well is you be good people do better than the rest, be better than the rest, strive to do the best. And everything you do, whether it’s something like sweeping the shop or a job site, make sure that you do everything to the best of your ability. And then Sam so my, my husband’s grandpa pops is what they call the and he had a motto that he lived by that with anything doing is worth doing well, and it’s always worth doing more than is expected of you.

So, you know, that pertained to if they were out Washington attractor, washing it well, and do more, you know, wash, don’t just watch the outside because it’s what you were told to do, watch the inside as well, you know, do more than is expected of you and do it well do it better than the next person would have as a Home Builder Amarillo. And so those are just things that we have, you know, that’s our, our vision. And our mission for this company is to do better than the next. And you know, that’s the thing we try to teach our children as well. And, you know, our employees and so just really having confirmation that what we’re doing is working and they may not always get it and they may not always be listening test. But at the end of the day for teachers or employers, to note those that that mission in our children just really, really makes me know that our mission is truly in line with what we believe in what we live by. And so that is just absolutely wonderful to see that cut around full circle full circle.

And so that’s the level of service that Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo provides to every single one of its homeowners is we committed to doing our very best even if it takes more than what is required, at best, you know, do something to make it worth doing, you know, do it right do above and beyond, above. And beyond that level of expectation. expect more from yourself and others to you. I mean, those are all in line with Chaney Construction, commitment and our mission and, you know, just always going above and beyond. And so these are also things that you can see reflected about us as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction in our video testimonials from our previous homeowners that we’ve done work for you, you can go to our website at www.chaneyconstructiontx.com and click on the testimonials link. And there are videos and countless numbers of written testimonies on that page where you can see that what we believe in is, you know, this is said by these homeowners. These homeowners may not have known what our mission is in life, but to have them reiterate that and when they leave us a review freely absolutely just warms our hearts and like I said, it just helps us to know that we’re headed in the right direction and what we are doing lines up with the way that we are living.