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The fifth core value for Chaney Construction is quality, the quality and value of our work enhances the quality of life for everyone around us. And so what that means to us at Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo is that we provide excellent quality as far as products and workmanship go without that we wouldn’t have been in business for the last 14 years. And we know that the quality of work that we do is highly trusted and highly referred. So are homeowners and trust that and no, we get through education through us educating them that what we have done in their home is of high quality and high quality work. And therefore they are more willing to refer us which has helped us to become the highest and most rated and reviewed a Home Builder Amarillo in fact, in the entire Texas Panhandle.

And so that is one thing that we really hold great value for. And but what we mean by that it enhances the quality of life for everyone around us. So many of our past homeowners have said that this is not what was not just a remodel, or an addition or just a home being built, it literally changed their life. So people that have not cooked in gears, because maybe their kitchen just did notwork for them are, you know, cooking again, and inviting family over and hos ting and partying and doing the things that they may be loved at one time to stop doing because of the inconvenience of the way their homework for them or or did notwork for them. And so it really is a life changing thing. It improves the quality of their life. They are happier in their new homes. T

hey are happier in their remodeled homes, they are happier with the addition that they have made to their house. And why is that that is because we really take a deep look at what their needs are. And make sure that it is something that is going to enhance the quality of their life. All of us at Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo we do not want to just build a home just because we want to make money we want to be able to help this person with their quality of life and make sure that what we are doing for them is something that long term they are going to remember the rest of their lives and a good impossibly we want this to be an experience that they would that they enjoy so much that they would would do it again if they had to you we build a lot of forever homes. But we still at the end of the project with them to say, you know, if I had to do this all over again, I’m certainly would sign up for it. And sometimes people get involved with a bad Home Builder Amarillo. And that is not the case. And so they would never do that again.

And that is the level of quality of life that we want to perform at. We want this to be a life changing experience. We have had tons of people tell us, you know what we started off with just a small project after we realized what our needs are. and realized that the home was just not working for is turned out to be a huge remodel, or even in addition, or just building a brand new home. And they had no idea of that. And so they go into it with kind of a small mindset. They come out of it with an entire new life. And it brings life and breathes life into them and their families. Yet just having them especially some of the older couples, when they say, Oh my gosh, my kids come home and they love it. They just can not stop writing about how wonderful the new houses or the new remodel or the addition is to the home and how much better it is and how it just really created a new space a new life and the kids are so excited or the grand kids are so excited. You know what, even when the newness wears off, it is still the case.

And so as a Home Builder Amarillo we have so many of our past homeowners that call us up and let us know that or when we talk to them, especially previous ones that came along for my husband and I were married, you know, let us help you have no idea how much he changed our lives for the better. It was just phenomenal. And hearing those stories over and over again, really confirmed to us that this core value quality enhancing people’s lives is truly the heartbeat of the company. It is firmly written and etched in our hearts. And it is truly what my husband and I live by what our company operates by what we read our businesses by and not only to start businesses but our personal lives. The quality that we have work that we do, even through out our volunteer efforts is my husband and I want to change the lives of others and their family. As a Home Builder Amarillo we want it to change their lives for have a positive impact on people. That is our goalat Chaney Construction. That is our goal in life. And that is what we are trying to achieve. And that is one of the things that we feel very firmly about when it comes to quality of work and workmanship and also quality just to view as a person that is very important to us. Our openings are filling up fast already for the 2019 year and we want you to be a part of our schedule for this year. Make sure you are clicking on the contact us button and scheduling some time to meet with us so that way we can get started on you home today!