Home Builder Amarillo | Finding that Realtor Relationship

Second level of commitment that Chaney Construction provides is second to none so one of the things that Chaney Construction is in the process of doing which is just absolutely been so much fun is be reaching out to realtors in our area so this is the Pampa area the Amarillo area my husband and I have already gotten leads to some other areas around the Dumas and portion of the panhandle and so forth and Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo are just reaching out to these realtors you know our team has looked and found lead realtors and our team has asked you who you know that are the top realtors in our areas and the team has compiled the list of all of those realtors you know so many times people call us and they say our family wants to build a house and Chaney Construction says that is great as a Home Builder Amarillo we can help you with that.

Where are you planning on building at? And sometimes the responses what our team gets is I do not know we have not found a spot yet. And so the next question our team has asked them is great but Do you have a realtor that you are working with has in mind what our vision is what our mission is in life and then finding those realtors that are good fit for and for us and for you as well with what Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo with Chaney Construction has in mind for them as a homeowner. And our team just want to make sure that you know, we are sending you to a fantastic realtor as well as the realtors are wanting to make sure that they are sending their homeowners to a fantastic Home Builder Amarillo. So that kind of works two ways it is twofold. But you know, as a Home Builder Amarillo really feel like the level of relationship that we have with these realtors is just the same standard of relationship that we have with our homeowners. We want to be able to be trustworthy with each other.

And to know that the other person is going to go the extra mile for these homeowners. And so that is what we are looking for. And so we are really excited to have some appointments to meet with some new realtors and really kind of get on board with them find out you know, what they are doing and how they are doing it, find out their marketing strategies and make sure that we are all on the same team and we are helping each other out you know, it is our goal to be the you know, build the best and go above and beyond and everyone’s expectations and that starts with these realtors it is a really just building those relationships, helping each other get referrals and those types of things and just really solidifying our communities at Chaney Construction and you know the Texas Panhandle is wide and large and we want to make sure that we have got the right people on our team helping us from different sides and different areas as much as they can and so I mean if you have ever tried to my home and Amarillo you know it can be very overwhelming the number of religious that are out there and that is constantly changing and people are you know, coming out new every single day and so we just want to help you to be able to weed through that.

And so through our building relationships at these realtors we will know which realtors are best fit for you. And so as a Home Builder Amarillo all of us at Chaney Construction want to be able to help and all kinds of aspects and this is just one of the aspects that we have got in our back pocket that we are so excited about. And we are so excited to see the fruits of our labor and this seeking out new realtors to help us with our home building process and to be able to learn about some of the other things that are going on in the Emerald area. And you know, it is it is a big city and so we want to be able to kind of weed through that for you and be able to help share that wealth of knowledge to you as well. These relationships with our realtors in the Texas Panhandle are extremely important and we are fully aware of that at Chaney Construction. Our team is dedicating it’s time to make sure that as a Home Builder Amarillo we are fully working on building those realtor relationships for the sake of our home owner’s that are wanting to build a new house. Even more so for those needing to sell their current home so they can build their new home. Do not forget that Chaney Construction has been building homes in the Texas Panhandle for over 14 years now and we are so very proud of all of that. As we should be.

Most businesses do not make it past five years and here we are at fourteen years and still rocking right a long. We know that it has to do with the great referrals that come from our past home owners and my husband and I strive to keep that going all over the Texas Panhandle. Our kids are proud of our commitments and are willing to see that the sacrifcies we make as a family are securing not only our future but theirs and their future children’s futures as well. What a legacy we can leave because of all this. Building relationships with realtors is just one step we are taking to secure the future of this company, my husband and I’s future, our kids future’s, and our grandchildren’s futures. Super excited to watch our company grow in to great things now and down the road.