Home Builder Amarillo | A New Season in Life

When it comes to building a house with Chaney Construction, one of the things that we really want to take a look at, especially if this is going to be your forever home is what season of your life are you in right now? And what seasons of your life might you go through in the future. And so we want to take a look at how this new home is going to work for you right now, in this moment, this season, maybe you’ve got little kids, you know, less than six years of age, and you know, you are moving into a home that you will raise these kids in until they graduate, and that they will probably come home to you. So that’s what we as a Home Builder Amarillo want to take a look at what season of your life you’re in right now. And so we went to make sure that the home is going to be adequate for your needs with little ones.

But the other part of that equation that is even more important is what seasons of your life are you going to be going through in the future, those kids, they grow up, they grow up and they become teenagers and teenagers have friends and their friends come over. And now you have a house full of teenagers, and then they become adults. And now you have grown children, maybe they leave and go off to college, and they come home, maybe those adults get married. And then you have grandchildren so you can see the transition between the seasons of your life that she may potentially go through. And so as as Home Builder Amarillo we want to take all of those things into consideration making sure that your homework for you now and that your home is going to work for you in the future. When you get through those get to that season of your life for those little ones are teenagers, as a Home Builder Amarillo we want to make sure that you have adequate pantry space, adequate entertaining space place for them and their friends to hang out and making sure that all of that functions properly. And well, you know, how’s it going to look whenever they start coming back home, and maybe they bring you know, their wives or their children.

And so what is that going to look like in those instances, and, you know, they’re going to be adequate enough entertaining it space for you to have all of your children and grandchildren back home for Christmas, you know, those are things that you may not need that adequate space right now, at the moment, you have little ones, but eventually down the road, those little ones grow up and their families grow. And you’re going to need that adequate space then. And so what does that look like, you know, being able to take all of those things, all of those ideas, being able to look into the future as best as you possibly can with that crystal ball and see what it is that you want for your family. You know, think about what traditions you’re going to want to instill in your children. You know, most families come from traditions and their own families. But then when they get out on their own, they like to make their own traditions, new traditions, you know, a tradition that as a Home Builder Amarillo we have right now for our generation, you know, with with my in laws is Thanksgiving baking day. And so the day before Thanksgiving, all the women in the family get together and we bake for an entire day, we bake until our little hearts can’t bake anymore.

And we bake pies all day long. And we have wonderful desserts for Thanksgiving. It it’s appreciated by all of the men in our family. But you know why? Like, is that is tradition I want to start in my children. Is that as tradition I want to leave to be to the end laws, or do I want to start my own new tradition, something similar to that. So these things just really need to take in consideration, I can assure you that my house is not adequate for baking take our kitchen has been the last place we’ve even can say we’ve thought about remodeling it, but it’ll be the last place that we do remodel. And so you know, I’m going to need some more evidence. And that’s okay. And I’m fine with that. But thinking about those things that I want to carry on over into New Seasons in our lives. And those are things that I’ve got to stop and consider. So right now, you know, I might be just fine with one Evan. Although really, I’m not I really need to right now. But, you know, maybe I need three in the future. Who knows? And so thinking those things through and really stopping to take consideration to what’s your future going to look like? What would you like for it to look like, those things are very important. Typically, you see a change in who host family holidays.

So right now it’s our in laws that continue to host but someday it will be asked it starts to host as a Home Builder Amarillo. And so knowing that we know that we’ve got to have adequate dining for our children, for their families, for our our parents, you know, they they, the older they get, the less they want to host. And so that’s fine. That’s the way it is. It’s just a generational SWAT. And so those are things that we just need to consider. And, you know, the, that’s just how it goes. And so these are seasons in our lives that we really want to stop and consider the future and make sure that if you’re building a new home that you’ve considered every season of your life, and make sure that this is the how that is going to be adequate enough for you to be able to make this happen. And so that you’re going to continue to love your home even through those transitions even through those new seasons in your life. So that is what makes us different as a Home Builder Amarillo and Chaney Construction is just above and beyond, we really take those things into consideration. We’re not into just building beautiful showroom homes, just to have our name on it and be so proud of it for ourselves. We want it to be functional for you like it is our utmost importance, our top priority to make sure that every home that we build is fully functional for the home for the homeowners be it’s your home. We want to make sure that you love it that you love it for years to come and that you’re not regretful of anything that you did or did not do. And so that’s the Chaney Construction commitment.