Home Builder Amarillo | Setting up Our New Software for you

Good morning to everyone. This is Amy Chaney with Chaney Construction. And it is a beautiful Friday morning already so far without light rain across the Texas Panhandle. There is nothing, absolutely nothing more wonderful than Rain. especially around here. When we’re in just such a drought, majority of the time. And and it just feels like the rain never comes. But this morning it did. And we got lot showers. And so there’s petals on the streets. And it’s absolutely wonderful. It’s something we haven’t had in quite a few months. And so it makes it absolutely wonderful. And you know, campus just such a gorgeous place. And as a Home Builder Amarillo. And, you know, we do office out of Tampa. And so campus is just a quaint little town it’s actually the second largest city in the Texas Panhandle right underneath Amarillo. But with a population of only 18,000 it still makes it like a Little Big Town and so it really is phenomenal I mean can drive down the streets of Pampa and see, you know, hearts lining the trees down through Somerville.

And, you know, just in time for Valentine’s Day, and all of that. And, you know, next month, they’ll have out the St. Patrick’s Day green stuff. And so pampered just really takes a lot of pride in the way it looks, downtown area, and all of that it’s such a fantastic place. So I’m just really admiring and appreciating the city that we do business in, and you know, where we office out of just taking a time moment to just be appreciative of that. So one of the things I wanted to talk to you about today, though, is our new construction software. So we are in the process of getting our stuff converted over to our new construction software. And, and it is taking a lot of time, however, as a Home Builder Amarillo we are not complaining. Because we know that the amount of time that it takes for us to get this set up is well worth every single second, because I’m finding very quickly that once I get my information stored in there, that’s it, I don’t have to do it.

Again, I’m you know, if something new comes along a new product, or, or specific service that we want to offer in a bit as a Home Builder Amarillo, I can add that in. And so then if I want to offer that again, in the future, I don’t have to send that back up again, because I’ve already done at once. So this is absolutely phenomenal. We are super excited about this. But like I said, it has been slow going, making sure that everything is set up properly and accordingly. And really stopping and thinking about how we want it to look when we’re done. And so we’ve had to really take some time and kind of sort through that and start working on getting all of our data transferred over. And we’re super excited about that. It’s one of the things that we are filled still feel very friendly about that this product is going to do for us a lot more than what our old software was going to do. So at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo we just know that it’s going to turn out to be fantastic.

We, like I said Tom worth spent to save time in the end. So once all of this is that app, it will literally take us just a matter of hours to put together a bid after we’ve received bids, and from subcontractors and specifications and from the coming years. And so it really is going to save us so much time and allow us to continue to be the best in that area. And that’s being able to deliver a bit in a timely manner. So that that way we can get started so much sooner on building the new homes, as opposed to spend in an oil, quite honestly wasting so much time on getting bits together and getting things set up. So we’re really excited about that. I think we’re just going to continue to see great, wonderful things that come out of that. And as a Home Builder Amarillo we are just even impressed with the product image quality. And our old software just, you know, provided a little thumbnail image of the product. So mostly, you had to go online to the website, the manufacturer’s website to be able to see a better picture of the product. And it was very frustrating. However, we didn’t realize how frustrating it was. And so we got the new software. And so looking at the product images that we upload and the quality level of those images. It’s absolutely phenomenal. I’m telling you, they are top notch, they I mean those product images look like you’re standing right there in the show room. And you’re able to take a look at those fixtures and things just right there in person. It’s absolutely fantastic. So that was just kind of an added bonus that Chaney Construction didn’t know we were going to be getting, and what’s the quality of pictures of the products that we’re offering.

And so that’s something that we’re really excited about. And another thing that we’re super excited about is the ease of the scheduling tool so that as a Home Builder Amarillo will be able to let our homeowners have access to the schedule so they know what to expect. They also know what to expect. And when things go wrong. Let’s say that it rains and rains and rains. And then the site becomes so many that Chaney Construction can’t get out there or it’s going to tear up or damage some things if we get out there. And so we will be able to kind of adjust that schedule accordingly. So that way the homeowner knows, are we staying on track? Are we not? What’s that going to look like for final days. And you know, how’s the rain gonna affect things or, or so, or ice or whatever the case may be. And so that’s fantastic. As well as we have change orders come along, they typically do and being able to add in the number of days they’re going to be tacked on to the end of the project and to be able to account for the change order. So that’s also a really great feature, you know, so it helps the homeowners be able to get kind of an informed decision and before they approve change order, you know, the completion date is more important to them and then the change that they’re wanting to have made and that’s something that they’ll be able to take a look at. So we at Chaney Construction are super, super excited about our new software.