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This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

In the market to build and a new home? In your mind you have the right to be excited, but you might be nervous, you might be a little bit scared or overwhelmed. But us at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo definitely do not want you to ever be stressed over this project. We want to make sure that everything is laid out as specifically as possible step by step of the way. So that way you are absolutely comfortable and have new stress about how this is going to turn out.

So at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo we uses an online construction software that helps as to be able to create an estimate or bid that tells you how much your hope is going to cost to build. And so that what that is, that is going to be a baseline of different types of budget categories.

So from here we will give you a baseline for how much it is going to cost for a roof, how much it is going to cost for the framing of your specific home, plumbing, electrical things of that nature. We are also going to give budgeted allowances for different items at the home that maybe we have not specifically picked out yet.

So even if you have not told us exactly which kitchen sink faucet you want, or which kitchen sink you want, or shower faucets, things like that, it makes no difference.

Because we can create a budget allowance based off of the type of homes that we at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo like to build your team construction does have a standard. And so we take the baseline for that standard. And my husband and I build the plumbing fixture package and electrical fixture package. But my husband and I also create room for lots of options in there.

So while the price we give you has a baseline price, we also give you a step two steps up in pricing for different types of fixtures. So we start with a break a fantastic baseline package. And then there is a mid range package and then an upper range package. Now obviously there are more steps beyond just those.

But we like to have those as our starting point. And so we will give you options of different plumbing fixtures and different lighting fixtures for you to look at some of them you may absolutely love and know that those are the ones that you want.

Some of them you may not like any as a product that has been an author to you and not to We do not expect that every single homeowner is going to love all of the options that we have pre selected for your budgets. And, and so but this gives us a great starting point. So you can see what you can achieve with your budget at various ranges.

Home Builder Amarillo | The Software Advantage

This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

So if you find a specific kitchen faucet or a specific bathtub that you really really love, my husband and I can go in and add those to the selections, add those to the cost and you can select that and our software will calculate how much overbalance you are over budget you are and give you an idea of how much your total budget is going to be for the house overall.

So this gives us lots of flexibility. But a fantastic well specified starting point. And with these features, and this ability to be able to do this with with this software and with our kind of pre built packages. And this gives us an opportunity to be able to bid a home out very quickly to you. So once we have a full set of plans in our hands to be able to get you a bit back into your hands, it is going to go very quickly.

And then after that you then you will be able to see is this guy is this going to be an achievable dream with our budget? Do we have room to grow some on this or do we need to find some ways to maybe cut some spaces that we were just kind of hoping to have, but do not have to have it. So that is fantastic. And that really keeps keeps us at a Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo kind of moving in the right direction plus and creates excitement and to for you to be able to look at these packages. They are built for you in the comfort of your own home or at your you know, office or at a child’s basketball game or whatever wherever you may be. When you look through these it creates excitement.

And that is what we want. We want you to stay excited about the build of your home. We do not want you to be stressed or worried. And we definitely want to have positive feelings throughout the entire experience for you. And so that is what really sets Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo apart from other builders is that you are getting a very specific bid back in a very timely manner that also allows for you to have lots of flexibility with what you choose to put into your home your custom home and where you also have flexibility with your budget and to know where your dollars are going every single time so we invite you to give us a call or click on the Contact Us here form and set up an appointment.

All of us a Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo can not wait to meet with you and start building the dream of your home home of your dreams. It will feel so great to know that you are able to be in control of aspects of you home building process and we firmly believe that you will have a great time and experience in doing all of this from the comforts of you own home while we build your new dream home!