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So we are actually working right now as a home builder Amarillo has to offer to a client needing work on an insurance job that was caused by a couple of storms. What had happened was that the contractor out of Amarillo came along and gave them a ridiculous price that the insurance company was not willing to pay.

And, and so they contacted us as a Home Builder Amarillo, and they were able to have us come out and take a look, take some pictures to look at that estimate that the insurance company had originally given them. What had happened was, is that there was a hailstorm that had done damage to the roof. And so it started off as a simple claim. And then a few days later, there was a high powered and storm that blew through and caused more significant damage hole in the roof, broken trusses, water damage to the interior of the home well the home headset for so long.

By the time he contacted us Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo that there was more damage, more mold more water, you know, just with a tarp on there for several months, that is just not going to cut it. We were able to come in, take a look at the insurance estimate speak with the insurance adjuster and be able to work out negotiate an actual prices, the insurance adjuster was actually had actually just come back out and took a look at things saw that there was further damage realized that their original estimate was too low. And they were able to negotiate that price to an app at a reasonable price. And to be able to get things done in a timely manner for the homeowner.

So within 24 hours of going out to take a look at the job site. Chaney Construction were actually they are the next morning I am ready to start pulling out sheet rock and getting some of the wet flooring out, getting the website flooring out all of that that was wet and getting it dried out, setting up water mitigation equipment, fancy humidifiers, things like that, to be able to get the house dried out. So that way there was no more mold growing and be able to help mitigate those damages. So we were also able to quickly get on and having the roof free sprained and the trusses fixed so that way we could weather in and dry and roof and get that done before the snow came.

And so as a Home Builder Amarillo now there is there is just been a battle of snow and the temperatures so today is actually supposed to be 64 degrees today, which is a very warm day considering the weather that Chaney Construction have had recently. And so that is fantastic. So as a Home Builder Amarillo Chaney Construction is are getting the roof on and there is still a little snow on the ground. It’s going to be a fantastic work day finishing up the drywall repairs inside the home, getting the trim work done getting everything prepped and ready to pay.

Chaney Construction | The Storm Strong Company

This content was written for Chaney Construction Inc.

And then we will be doing flooring that next week and getting new floors in and really put house back together. It things cleaned up getting everything submitted to the insurance company to show that we have taken care of all of the damages and being able to go in and help the homeowner file for their recoverable depreciation so they are comfortable to treat. As a Home Builder Amarillo we understand how this works. The depreciation is just money that you receive back after you have completed the repairs for the depreciated value at the items that you had in your home so he could replace those insurance company upon proof of that full replacement.

Send that many back to you as well and that the insurance company to help paste chess and so you will get that check and pay.us that is what I’ll build her email and text. It should be about just really helping the client helping them mitigate or damage helping them work out all the details because Chaney Construction can do this because home owners do they do not do this on an everyday basis. And so that is the difference. That is the difference with Chaney construction as a Home Builder Amarillo.

This is the level of service and commitment that sets Chaney Construction a part from the rest and that is what keeps our long list of happy clients happy and growing every single day. We know that Chaney Construction is the company that is rright for you and that you are going to be continuously happy with Chaney Construction. You will want to use us again and again for all your projects in the future and you are going to want to refer us to all your friends and family for years and years to come. So when you have an insurance claim and you do not know where to turn to Chaney Construction is here to help you and you are going to want to call us immediately at 806-688-9215 and let us get your life put back in order for you so that way you can be restored.

We did this for this homeowner after many many months of getting no where with the other guys and being unhappy with the amount of time for nothing to get fixed. Chaney Construction will always step in at the right time and we look out for our customers through the whole entire process. We know that you are upset and you need someone to help you get this taken care of and Chaney Construction is the right company to hep you with that and you are going to be so happy that you have Chaney Construction on your side through this whole thing. The storm should not scare you but who you are going to have help you out of the storm is what is important.