Home Builder Amarillo | Team Equals Family

The fourth core value of Chaney Construction that we are going to discuss this morning is t equals family positive, teamwork creates an environment we are all became family, our employees can’t, our customers are our family. And so what that means to us is that, you know, I always say we spent more waking hours at work with our co workers than we do at home with our own families, and my husband. And I paint exception to that, because we work together. But think about that you spend eight to five, eight to six, he said, whatever your hours are, during the day with your co workers, you go home for a couple of hours, have dinner, get the kids to bed, do homework, things like that. And then you sleep. So when you think about it, and the number of hours a day that you were away who you spend the most time with, you’ll realize that it is your co workers.

And so that right there is of great value to us. We know because of that, that our relationship with our employees and is very crucial, it is crucial for them to become like family to us, it is crucial for them to be a part of our vision, it is a crucial for them to share the same goals and ideals as us because these are the people that as a Home Builder Amarillo we spend the most time with. And so they are in their opinions and beliefs are huge influence. So if they are not in line with ours, then that’s not a good upward trajectory, that’s not helping us to be able to maintain the culture and belief system that Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo believe in. And so choosing the right people for our team is very vital, as well as our customers are homeowners and, you know, we are selective of who we build a home for, they don’t believe in have the same kind of belief system as us, then we know that it is probably not going to make a very good team between the two of us, we know that if they don’t see, you know, believe in the things that Chaney Construction believe in, it could cause some controversy, and it could cause some difficulties.

And that, you know, because of that difference in belief system, we know that it could very well turned out to not be a very good project, just because of not being able to see it on things. And so, the belief system, about honesty, about, you know, making a difference in people’s lives, all of that, it is that it is, it is our core values, that’s what we believe in. And, and so throughout the years, the homeowners that we as a Home Builder Amarillo have had, have become, just like our family. So another thing I always tell people is that, you know, during a project, especially a home built, you know, Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo may take several months to get a finalized plan, which requires a lot of conversation with these homeowners. And then, you know, we give them a bid and all of that. And then by the time we start breaking ground, and then we, you know, move forward and get their home bill, we’ve spent a lot of hours of our life with these people.

And so these people become like our family as well. So, it is always bittersweet at the end of a project, whenever the Chaney Construction knows that we are not going to see your talk to these people on a regular basis. And it is not that will never see them or talk to them. Again, it is just that that became such a normal part of your day, that whenever it is not there anymore, it kind of becomes bitter sweet. And especially with homeowners that have small children, you know, you get to learn about them, and watch them and see their personalities. And you just feel like they are a part of your family. And that’s very important as the many, many relationships that Chaney Construction have built along the way, the people that have become homeowners that are now are great friends and people that as a Home Builder Amarillo we consider family that’s ideal task. That’s like what this is about. For us that creating relationships. It is not just a business, it is not just about making money, it is about creating those relationships, those long term long, you know, life lasting friendships and relationships, people that you know, it is so much fun that there will be people that my husband worked for part two, and I starting today and before my husband and I got married, and so we see them at different places.

And my husband is always so excited to introduce me to them. Because these people mean so much to him. And they are like family to him. And he wants them to them to meet me and for me to meet them because it is important to him because they are important to him. And I’m important to him. And so it is always so much fun to meet these people that he works for before I came along, and to see the relationship between them. And my husband is just phenomenal. And my husband truly lives by that his are the relationships he builds through and building homes is absolutely wonderful and spectacular. And it is truly just the core of his belief system as well as mine. And it is the core of our children’s belief system. They are very close with some of their friends and they understand the value of that. And so that is, you know, just that team equals family and that is our fourth core value and something that is extremely important to us and as a Home Builder Amarillo we just firmly believe that that is the best way of life.