Home Builder Amarillo | Thanks to Our Clients for this

This is Amy Chaney here at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo. We just wanted to take some time today to be able to say thank you. Thank you to all of our loyal clients and homeowners that we have done work for over the past and 14 years and we are currently sitting has the highest strip or most reviewed and Home Builder Amarillo Chaney Construction a builder in the Texas Panhandle that is even if you include love it, we’re still the most reviewed home builder and on Google. So that’s a huge accomplishment. That’s a very big accomplishment. That’s something that we cannot achieve by faking it. We have, we have tons of reviews from people that really enjoy our work and home builders and joyous just as people around the community and whether we’ve done work for them or not.

They enjoy seeing the things that we have done the friends and family that they refer us to and those referrals are really what makes the world go round in our industry when someone is the need of something and you can say oh I know exactly who you should call and help you with that and if it that referral is that is an astonishing type of thing and that’s something that we are extremely appreciative of and so being able to maintain and the most reviewed home builder in the Texas Panhandle is kind of our goal and knowing that we are the best and that we will continue to be the best and that’s a huge standard to uphold and that’s something that we are at for the challenge on have except that we’re super excited about and to be able to be you know a quote little construction company from Pampa Texas and quote and that is a phenomenal task and a note itself and we beat all the other Home Builder Amarillo maybe like I said, the Lubbock Home Builders we be every other city in the Texas Panhandle bigger small and so that’s fantastic fate. And we couldn’t do that without the help of like I said, our loyal clients are low your oil homeowners going on, and diligently giving us reviews every single day. And that’s a phenomenal type of thing.

And so our goal is to pull up number one on Google. And with unbox ads, you know, like you can fire away to the first page. But we want to be able to do that just on our very own. And so it is our goal this year to be able to pull up number one on the first page of Google and number two to be able to maintain our most reviewed homeowner and or home builder, Amarillo and throughout 2019. And so I’ll say this match. There are a lot of fantastic builders in the Amarillo area that and I feel like hands down. And this is my biased opinion that Chaney Construction team really do a phenomenal job. We do a far better job than a lot of the other home builders that we have seen. Now we’ve gone through the parade of how many parade of homes any umbrella and year after year. And you know, everything is beautiful looking. But we really looked out deep down underneath the surface. That’s where we start to see problems as a Home Builder Amarillo. And you know, knowing exactly what it is that you’re getting. And you know, a lot of builders in Amarillo, Texas, just building homes and just building them and then selling them well, we build a sold home and we don’t build homes just and half and hope that somebody likes the style that we did.

Or the layout that Chaney Construction did know we built homes. And for the sake of someone living in known someone is already told us this is exactly what they want. And this is the one that we’re going to build for them. And so that’s what makes us unique. That’s what you know that word custom. Well, we’re a custom builder. And we’re not just a home builder. We’re a custom builder. And Chaney Construction custom fit your home to your needs. We cultivate the building process to your life. And we’ve had so bit that way we do our bidding process to you. I mean, it’s all right there. It’s very simple. It’s very up front, there’s no hidden agendas, there’s no hidden fees, there’s no hidden costs, everything is just up front and on the table, you know, nine times out of 10 we can call and you know homeowner gives us a budget. But we can call it they’re going to go over these couple of areas. Because we know we’ve seen it time and time again. And you know, we get to know the homeowners and we know and the things that are important to them. And so therefore we know which of those things we feel like they’re going to splurge on. And you know, we’ve been doing this for a very long time. And, you know, for for many, many years. And so the longer you do it, the more you’re able to just kind of predict that.

And so we’re even at front about that, like hey, we really feel like you’re going to end up spending the money on this, you know, we might as well go ahead and try to fit this in the budget. And, and so it’s a phenomenal type of thing to be able to read people and not be enter and it’s something that’s fun. We enjoy what we do on a daily basis. This is a just laugh at some stuff up and calling it we put our heart and soul into this we put Vinnie our man hours into this and my husband and I are you know excited at the end of a project. We’re excited at the beginning of a project but more so at the end of a project. We can take a step back and see what as a Home Builder Amarillo we have done and how we’ve impacted someone’s lives. And so that is just something that you know, we just want to just say thank you to all of our clients are homeowners or if they thank you for leaving us all of these wonderful reviews. We appreciate you know your kind of pat on our back and it makes us feel great because I know that what we’re doing is changing lives as a Home Builder Amarillo and not is just our goal and we want to continue on have doing the things that we love so that way you can love the things that we do.