Once again this is Amy Chaney with Chaney Construction. And I am here just working away in the office by myself today as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction and trying to go through some emails trying to get some stuff taken care of for the bank and some of our jobs and subcontractors that of our homeowners got a homeowner that’s headed to Amarillo to go look at some properties and have some brick that they like. So they’re going to have opportunity to go by places that have the homes in Amarillo area that actually have the brick that they like applied to the outside of the homes, they can kind of drive by see what that break looks like in person as opposed to just kind of estate and pull up the brick. And so trying to get them all those addresses and get everything squared away for them. And so our office manager is out sick today we had her other office manager for floors and more out sick yesterday, we had an employee’s last day yesterday. So it’s been kind of a maddening day and kind of crazy.

That’s been a lot of fun. So my husband and I actually went to Amarillo this morning, he had a doctor’s appointment. And we got some supplies and different things picked up for some of our job sites. And so that was a lot of fun, just to kind of spend some time together on the road and get some things accomplished. And I did kind of cut into my time to be able to get office work done. But that’s okay. Because that’s what I’m doing here. Now, I’m actually updating some time and on that I’ve spent on some tasks. And I’m kind of keeping track of that. And while I’m doing that I am I am recording and this will article right now. So you can kind of see what it is that we do on a day to day basis. And just really kind of some insight into that. And, you know, we’ve got with us at the multiple businesses. And that’s a lot to deal with sometimes as a Home Builder Amarillo.

But we really try to plan out each and every day and make sure that we have ample time scheduled for each of our businesses. And so we can devote a lot of time to each of them enough time and not let one kind of lag behind. Although that does happen sometimes, if that’s all right. And because we try to make up for it and other areas and we really just as a Home Builder Amarillo kind of you know, have to grind a little bit harder, come into work a little bit earlier, spend a little bit more time and you know, in the wee hours of the morning more than night and which a lot of people just don’t do that we do. And so that’s what I think makes us extremely successful in what we do. And even though it’s hard for us to juggle all these different businesses and all our different kids and by the way, we do have an 18 year old living in our home now. So our daughter only daughter turned 18 today and so we’re very proud of her and she’s super precious she’s the only girl in the house so yes she’s not be just a little bit more spoiled than her brothers but that’s quite all right. It’s our at to be school seven times and and so here we have a lot of things to juggle our kids are very active in sports.

And so you know 10 different activities so today we had some of our to our band kids are performing and they got the highest numbers in their performances today at ul which was super exciting when Monday night we had a one act play performance. So tomorrow is when I play competition and then that’s an shamrock and then we move on over and scoot on over to Wellington to watch are two of our boys compete in the track meet. And then they goodness, thank goodness, thank goodness next week of spring break for us as a Home Builder Amarillo. So I get a little bit of downtime from all the activities and hustle and bustle of school does not mean that my children go away, they will still be at home. And they’re still going to need things. And so trying to get all of that kind of coordinated. And all that got to make sure the refrigerator stopped for them to be home an entire week unattended because they can share put away some food. So like I said, just kind of trying to juggle a few things this afternoon running on a short crew, my husband is gone. There’s no telling where he’s checking on job sites and things like that.

But it’s a lot of fun around here. And so since the office is quiet, I thought I would just take some time, like I said, to share with you a little bit of insight about our day, and how we do things around here. I’m also getting ready for our group interview. So that’ll be at four o’clock. We have nine confirmed and interviewees for our interviews as a Home Builder Amarillo, but we will see how many of them actually show up. So on average, we have about 80% of the people 70 to 80% of the people that confirm that they’re going to be here for the group interview actually show up. So always just make sure that I have enough chairs prepared for everyone. But I don’t set them all out until people start showing up.

And once the room gets full, I will bring out the other chairs. So because our office manager is out sick today, she’s my note taker and our manager over at Hall Heating & Air will be sitting in with me today as a Home Builder Amarillo. So he can take notes and kind of take a look at anybody that we have might be a good fit for that particular company. As well as help me scream for anybody that might be a good fit for chain construction. Because we are on the hunt for very qualified lead Carpenter we have said this time and time again. We won’t hire just anybody. We will wait even if it takes us six months or a year to find the right person. We don’t like having bad apples in the group and we’ve gotten had several bad apples in the group leave lately have quit or whatever the case may be. And so that you know, we’re not going to replace them until we know we have the right people for Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo. So just a little bit of insight about what’s been going on here today and about my day and just letting everyone know that even if your world is a little bit crazy, we feel Yes. So hope everyone has a good day and stays warm and stays healthy.