More about Chaney Construction and how we can help you. So as a story goes for some reason, for whatever reason, a judge that literally showed no mercy and literally showed no grace to no one in his courtroom, had a nagging feeling about him, maybe the Lord was speaking to him about how Jimmy would build Chaney Construction and become the best Home Builder Amarillo. Prior to my husband’s court date, my husband was facing life in prison for everything that he had been doing. And this judge looked at him and said, I have no idea why I’m doing this. Do not make me feel like an idiot. Do not make me regret this, but I’m gonna let you go to rehab. But the minute you screw up, once the minute your foot sets outside of that rehab, unsupervised, you will go to jail for the rest of your life, there will be no more second chances. And at this point, my husband had had plenty of second chances.

So he instructed him, you will go to this faith based rehab, you will complete it. And if you screw up once, or you leave at one day, early, 30 minutes early, you will go to prison for the rest of your life. So that’s where the story began again for my husband. And so my husband was taken down to San Angelo, Texas, and he went to a rehab facility down there, there is an absolute ruins, as a Home Builder Amarillo this was really hard to see and understand. I mean, ruins actually had the privilege of a couple of years ago, we went to go watch our son compete in the state band tournament competition down in San Antonio, Texas. We actually left a day early and took time to go down through San Angelo. So we could visit the rehab facility and the minister that was in charge of that rehab facility and still is to this day now the opportunity to be able to meet him and sure the facilities when we left there, I was an all my husband is a very particular person, he likes things very clean, very neat, and as a Home Builder Amarillo he likes to see things in good structural order.

He just has the highest set of standards for the way you know, you’re living conditions and be and that’s a high standard is just a normal set of standards that most people don’t give a crap about, and this is the same set of standards he has as a Home Builder Amarillo. So when we got back into the vehicle that day, After touring the facility, I looked at him and I said, I cannot for everything and me believe that you stayed one single day, they’re much less nine months. And he said, You and me either one a nice living conditions are actually way better than they were. He said, this is actually an improved facility from when I was here, and that blew me away. You know, when he got there. His parents said that he went and use the bathroom and he came out and basically told them take me home, I’d rather go to prison than have to stay here because the conditions were so bad, the toilets are flowing overflowing and there was water all in the bathroom, everything was rotted out, nobody really cared. It was just a poor poor living condition is a very, very new or I don’t know about new but very poor.

We have facility based solely off of donations and a pretty poor part of town and so there wasn’t a lot of money being facilitated through it and this was really just kind of a trial run Pampa had been overrun by people drug use even the district attorney and Pampa was arrested for drug use and drug dealing and bullied for prostitution as well. So you can kind of see that during that time period and Pampa drugs were a huge problem, a very huge problem. And so they were sentencing people to life in prison for less than what my husband was arrested for. But for some reason, there was a I believe a probation officer, my husband may have to correct me on a lot of the story. But I believe a probation officer is the one that found this faith based rehab facility in San Angelo and basically started begging the judges to please let him try this out.

Please let him send some of these men down there. Let’s see if this works. If it doesn’t, then that’s fine. They can go back to prison. I mean, they can go to prison because they’re going to end up there. Anyways, to get sober he said that let’s please try and let’s try and rehabilitate the part of our city that has we you know has just gone down this path and so they did and so my husband was one of quite a few a handful of men ended up down there from Pampa Texas, because of drug use, and drug crimes and things like that nobody is nobody with an offence is has my husband’s but that’s where he was. And so he spent the nine months there. And during that non moments, and he made it his mission to help get that place and clean and working order as best as he could with no money. And so once the minister running the facility realized that my husband did kind of have some talents, and he kind of putting to us with a very minimal budget. And so my husband started rehabbing part to the rehab that he could, which I think sparked his desire to become the best Home Builder Amarillo in the Texas Panhandle.

And so you know, when we went on that tour, you know, walk into one of the living quarters for the people that helped there. And my husband’s like, I did this entire kitchen with like, little muscle, no money. And so it was so nice to be able to see that his work was still there today. I mean, it was fantastic. You know, many people have moved in and out of that place, helping with that facility. But to see after all these years, after all, you know, countless years have used that everything was still there. And it was so neat to see my husband’s earlier work before he ever even had started his own business was phenomenal to me. It absolutely made me proud. And it was absolutely phenomenal. And to know that he is now the highest and most reviewed Home Builder Amarillo, and that Chaney Construction really got started here is great.