Because like I said, I know exactly where God put him. I know exactly what God did for him. I know exactly the way that God and crafted and helped him and guided him and out of his bad decisions. And that he saved him, he saved him from himself. And you know, so that that moment sitting on the track so my husband was believing, was not the worst thing that could have ever happened to him. It felt like it was the scariest worst thing that could have ever happened and looking back as a Home Builder Amarillo it should’ve been scary that he wouldn’t have Chaney Construction.

But it wasn’t. It was the best and, and most wonderful God driven thing that could have ever happened to my husband. My husband sees that now looking back, and he tells my children that all the times that you know, if you make a bad decision, you might go back here in a very bad place. But just remember, God can help you through it in a repentant, repent and turn from your ways. And God can help you through that. So, you know, as the years go by my husband, you know, we drive by this warehouse and location, we have a written house that’s over there kind of vibe, that neighborhood. And so we drove by had on occasion. And so every time we drove by, he would always say, you know, my biggest regret says, so I had an opportunity A while back when it was for several years back, and it didn’t buy it, the city, I love that building as he should as a Home Builder Amarillo. He said, even though you know, I did a lot of bad things in that building, I still loved that building. That building was beautiful. That building literally changed the history of my life. And so one day we’re driving through going to check on our red health.

And I noticed the for sale sign. So we went back around and we call the number am beyond excited. If nothing else, I just want to see the inside of this, this this building, I want to see this warehouse, I want to see what it looks like, I want to know, you know what my husband where my husband was at in life, I want to see all of these things that have led to him starting Chaney Construction and now a Home Builder Amarillo. So we’re able to get in and you know, look around the guy selling it for fantastic prize, like a price that you just almost can’t pass up. And so we entertain that idea. And we look at it and we left them and know we’re leaving to go out of town. And so we’ll let him know, you know, if we’re interested in the building or not, we leave from international, my husband, I want this building I want this building for you. I want to see you turn it into something great. I want to see you know, this this happen. I want to be able to, you know our kids to know that, you know, you can overcome anything I can do to see that. And then so after much debate and some kind of time passes by talk to the gentleman and we put an offer in on it and the building becomes ours. And so here we are you want to talk about starting where it all began or ending where it all began a full circle transformation or my husband to walk out of this warehouse with handcuffs on a drug addict and a drug cook and to walk back into this building a free man a good and just and moral and righteously and and with no handcuffs Silverman and to see him start to create a vision for this warehouse is phenomenal. And the vision has grown. And it has grown. He really has a heart to see that side of town be restored and be put back into use. Because it’s so historic.

Absolutely So historic. And so we have great plans as a Home Builder Amarillo, we will be moving our offices, hopefully sooner rather than later to this warehouse. We are excited. It’s beautiful. Everyone sees it sees how beautiful it is. But everyone that sees my husband and the look on his face when he walks in there. And the excitement that it stirs up the queue and how proud he is to know that he owns the place where it all ended. His life is phenomenal as a Home Builder Amarillo. And people comment on that. To see his excitement, to see the vision. He has to restore this place to see the vision he has to restore that side of town. People are just blown away by it. It’s absolutely surreal. It’s wonderful to be a Home Builder Amarillo. You know, that’s a success story in and of itself, that we even own the building for, for him to have greater dreams for that side of town to want to see that side of town restored. It’s fantastic. It’s phenomenal. And people are just blown away by his vision. And I am too and I know that it’s all achievable.

I know that God will guide him through this. I know that, you know, it’s a big task. But I know that there’s not anybody else’s entire world that would be able to be at for this task more than my husband. You know, he has a dream to revive what he wants to call the warehouse district. He wants people to come from near and far just to see the buildings. He wants them to, you know, revel in the fact that these historic buildings have been restored. He wants to create some kind of retail for them. And that’s right. You know, that’s in the works. But anyways, he had a vision he has great vision. And I know he has the desire and the passion motivation to do anything he sets his mind to. And so that’s just a little bit about the story about how my husband ended up where he is today and how wonderful and fantastic it is to know that he overcame overcame everything that he had been through in his life.