Morning everyone from Amy here at Chaney Construction to you and your family man alive Is it cold this weekend it is freezing cold right now in my vehicle says that it is 10 degrees by the wind is blowing a little bit. So there’s really no telling what the wind chill is like. And so I just want to talk to you a little bit this morning about ways that your home can be set up and some different things you can do when building your new home or remodel in your home in order to keep the cold from seeping in from our knowledge as a Home Builder Amarillo. And so some of those things really could be as simple as what Windows you fix, but also some more complex things that a lot of people don’t really stop to consider. And that would be which direction your house faces on your property. You know if you’ve got a cold direct shot from the north that North Wind is brutal.

And so we really want to make sure that we take an extra effort to be able to be sure that that noise side of your house can really see and the cold and the bitterness that the winter so here we are actually it’s March the fourth and it is freezing cold and we haven’t had this cold of a snap all winter long. And so it is what it is. Here we are it’s freezing cold I have my heater turned up as high as it’ll go my seat warm or on as high as it will go my steering wheel warmer thank gosh for those things up as high as it’ll go because as a Home Builder Amarillo even I’m cold right now. So anyway, so windows are a big deal and windows are definitely something especially if you live out in the open your open to the elements that you do not want to skimp on you do not want windows that are going to leak you do not want windows are going to let you in any kind of draft and our best recommendation even though it’s may not be the best but our best recommendation especially live out where the wind and can really just pound Your house is casement windows.

So casement windows are and the windows that kind of crank out as a tool single pane and it creates outwards. And so the reason I really like casement windows so much for filling out the element is because the fact that the harder the wind blows the port pushes those casements airtight shut. Wind Blows against those and it pushes them up against their seals. And it really like kind of creates a double barrier it really the wind helps to make that window seal up even more on those windy days. And so therefore you don’t have that drive to the wind and they create a lot less just the regular windows this is something we know as a Home Builder Amarillo. They’re really fantastic and it’s just something that’s worth spending the money on the other things that and we highly recommend casement windows. The other thing that is a huge help for your home and keeping it nice and tight and not letting the drops in his phone Spray Foam Insulation. And so in fact we only do three foam insulation and all of our new builds. We do Spray Foam Insulation where we are able to for our remodels and spring foam is just something that is absolutely phenomenal.

That really helps create this air tie barrier around the exterior of your home which is important to us as a Home Builder Amarillo. Allowing for that to seal up any of those straps to spray foam really kind of gifts and all those nooks and crannies. It doesn’t leave anything open on at all. There’s not any pockets or seems or corners that the aromatic through that you might have with like regular bat installation. And so in fact, I can’t even remember the last time we did about inflation and maybe on a rental house. But definitely not any house that we’ve ever built a remodeled as long as I’ve been with my husband and not spend for five years now. And so that’s really just the way to go. That creates that. Like I said, that extra layer of protection around your home and all that. So but the other thing too is whenever you’re considering your garage and the entrance into your garage, and that’s you, you really going to want to think about where where is that entrance facing. And so making sure that your garage, you’re not going to end up with a giant snowdrift behind your garage door every single year that it snows and all of that it’s a really like I said, just considering placement and fireplaces are a great way to keep your house nice, authentically warm and that’s important to us as a Home Builder Amarillo.

But the best fireplaces that we have found are just the old wood burning fire wood burning stoves. And we got to do one of those just a couple of years ago. And at first we were both kind of like, are you sure but let me tell you something, they stick some logs in that thing and it burns all not long. It’s kind of like I don’t know like a convection have that kind of it just kind of radiates that he and it circulates in the air so it doesn’t burn up the weirdest fastest super cool and so they really just set their service down pretty low let that bad boy burn all night and their houses like 70s the entire night long and so that’s pretty awesome to us at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo. And that was just like I said something that one of our clients in particular one it and we really thought it was pretty cool after we’ve gotten it dead. And after they’ve had the opportunity to try out a few times they love it and we think that’s something that will probably be able to do more of in the future just because we know that they loved it so much. And so you know somebody is on board with it will be willing to do it. So that’s a lot of fun. So I hope everyone sees warm today and we will talk to you next time.