Learn more about Chaney Construction here. So more about me and my health as a Home Builder Amarillo: So deep down into my muscles deep down to the tendons and to that the fibers around those. And so the purpose of that is that the ozone aided oxygen will get in there and help restore and repair the damage to my muscles and muscle tissues. And it is definitely the most painful experience of my entire life as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction. Maybe next to childbirth. Although my last two children, my childbirth, birthing of them was pretty easy.

And my daughter not so much. So it is a very intense pain. And I do have to take some medication prior to in order to be able to help with anxiety from the pain and in order to be able to help with the pain. So it is kind of a temporary thing though which is good because as a Home Builder Amarillo at Chaney Construction I can not be out to long. Um, so yesterday, I did have a round of injections, I would say we probably did anywhere in the neighborhood between 30 and 40 of them. And then I kind of lost count. And so we did a lot of them. And so now this morning, I am extremely stiff, extremely sore yesterday, I am able at least to move my head, the right and the left which is hard as a Home Builder Amarillo. Usually after I get my injections, I am not able to turn my head either direction because the amount of pain is so intense. So we kind of got that taken care of.

And I feel a little bit more loose today. And so the idea behind like I said, the estimated oxygen is to repair the muscle and tissue damage. Another great benefit of that though, is that I do really receive and some extended period of time relief and from the pain and so the first time we ever did the injections I did receive, I am about two weeks pain free. And when I say pain free, there was probably still some discomfort but I am totally okay with discomfort over pain any day of the week. There was no 100% that it was enough that when I woke up in the morning second stretch, and I could feel amazing I did not feel restricted I did not feel like my muscles were about to rip out of my body it was a fantastic feeling which is good for someone who is a Home Builder Amarillo. So we did we probably too long in between round one and round two of injections.

Round two of injections was not as fruitful as round one. I think that like I said it had to do with amount of time that we waited, I had a lot of flare ups, I was in a lot of tense amount of pain. And I did have to take some medications to be able to try to help curb that pain and make my quality of life a lot better than just being in constant pain. And to help me kind of get in a better spot be a lot more comfortable. Because really like my doctor says everything that we do is about that quality of life quality of life. Meaning that if I am miserable, it is not a good life to live. And so anything we can do to help achieve a better quality of life is kind of his commitment to me and to my family. And it is just fantastic to know that we have a doctor that truly cares about us as a person and not the pharmaceutical companies as a company. And so really puts him on just an entirely different level and really makes him just everything that he says is very credible to me and I really feel like he has been a God send to me and my family and he is really a great person.

And he has lots of proof to back up his findings. Whenever we first realized that I did have an auto immune disease. He gave me some books to read. And those books were life changing those books talked about things that I would never considered about the things that go into my book affecting my immune system. We are really trying to stay very healthy as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction. And so No, we did not become these super big health junkie hippie people. But we did teach a heart some of the things that were in there. One of the things that Well, my husband is actually allergic to gluten, and he is probably on the celiac disease scale. So we cut out gluten for him. And that is made the world of difference for him as his digestive system and his body and the sicknesses he was getting from the eating that but one of the things in autoimmune books and it talked about was, even if you are not allergic to gluten, gluten is not good for you in the sense that it helps and contributes to your immune system going haywire. So that is one of the kind of my kids call it call us the hippies. That things that we have implemented in our home.

Anytime I cook a meal it is completely gluten free my children’s embarrassment or protesting, they did not really want to get on board with it. But once they realized everything I quote tasted just the same or maybe even better than before, and they were completely on board with it. And we are thankful for that. And so I just wanted to share a little bit with you guys about our personal health stories. And I hope that everyone has a great Tuesday morning. I know that us at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo plan to have a great rest of our week and we are planning on feeling much better around here!