More about my youngest son now, he texted me when the meet was over. And he said, Mom, I ended up getting sixth place Believe it or not, he said three other people got out of the meet. There was two heats, he said. Three people in total scratched either they got out of their lane, they missed the star, whatever the case may be three people scratched he said, and I didn’t. And I got six place he said, and next time that’s not going to happen. And I was so proud of that kid so proud as a mom and as a Home Builder Amarillo who wants my kids to be the best they can. I don’t care if he came in 20th place that kid made me more proud that anybody else could make me proud in that moment because he was so excited that he got sixth place and not point it might not be a lot of points that’s points on the board and so he contributed to his team’s overall win last night and he was so proud of that and I was so proud of that but you know what was even greater is that his older brother that runs 300 meter hurdles was right there at the finish line hollered for him, said are you are right. Did you tear up your hand?

And he said, Yes, it’s all scratched up and he said, that’s it. I’ve got some nice for him waiting for you at the house I’ll get you fixed up but you did an amazing job and he said employee if you didn’t realize that they had the hurdles up to half you did that with the hurdles up higher than you’ve ever practice? And he said, Yes, yes, you’re right. They did. They were taller just like sometimes as a Home Builder Amarillo the competition seems taller. And he said and I almost had it that right there my folks is teamwork that right there is genuine love and support that right there is knowing that it makes not one look a difference. If you are the best at what you do. As long as you give it your all every single time. You don’t have to be the best Just do your best every single time and do not give up at all that anyone can ever ask for. That’s all I ask of my children. anything worth doing is worth doing well give it your all every single time. Not right they are my friends is a lesson that I think a lot of people should learn. I hope everyone has a great Friday. Good Saturday morning to everyone. So yesterday I reported about our youngest son and his track me that he had on Thursday night and about you know, when you fall down and getting back up and knowing who you are, and believing in that and being excited for your accomplishments, even when you don’t come in first.

So yesterday, our second two younger son that was there the night that our youngest failed, he runs the exact same race as the youngest one, they both ran the 300 meter hurdles and let me tell you something that is a hard race and a 300 meter hurdle that is harder than a 400 that’s harder than any of the other races I can even think of that takes some quickness it takes some endurance and it takes some height like you have got to have some height over those hurdles. You’ve got to have amazing form to be able to withstand those hurdles through those long strides and it’s that’s a tough race of very tough race and we know about tough races as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction. So our second show youngest son, he is a sophomore in high school last year he last year he qualified for area and had a amazing shot at going to regionals. In fact, he would have gone to regionals at his slowest time the entire season would have placed him as a regional qualifier. So even if he had done as good as he his worst that season, he would have gone to regionals and he gets on that starting line. And before the gun goes off he jumped. Another runner jumped the gun before the gun goes off, and when you get to area there are no reduce. And so there was a big controversy over who jumps again. First. Was it Caden that caused the other kid or was it the other kid that caused Kaden to jump again. It was not ruled in our favor. They did vote that Kayden had jumped the gun causing the other kid to do the same and so Kayden was automatically disqualified.

That was devastating. As a mother and a Home Builder Amarillo, I ran from the from the finish line, where I stand to watch what place by setting cuts in all the way around to the dressing rooms to get there. Before he did it. He was devastated in tears. so upset, very emotional. That was a hard moment for this month life and as a Home Builder Amarillo we know that more hard moments will come. So this is the first track me of the Year for him as well. And he ran. And there’s a couple other kids that run from our tech city or town that run the 300 meter hurdles as well. But they just finished up basketball season on Tuesday. And so because of lack of practice, they did not compete in this speed. So we knew that Kayden had a very good chance of winning the whole thing. Um, and so you know, nerves. Gosh, this mom gets so nervous, watching her babies rent hurdles, because it’s a tough race. And it is a scary racism other. And so Caitlin, of course, flies past everyone in the beginning. And I mean, the flies, this kid can fly over these hurdles. Like it’s nobody’s business, you know, this is quite the contrary to his little brother who brings in the rear this kids bring it in the front, he’s leading the pack. And so as a mother, it makes no difference. If my little one is in the back. I’m equally as proud of him for even signing up for this very difficult race and proud as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction for their efforts. And then we have our other son that is leading in the front. And I’m very proud of him for his accomplishments. And so it’s just always so odd. It strikes me is just very odd, and that I have the same level of pride for both of them. While one of them comes in last. The other one comes in first, it makes no difference to me. I love the both and I love their heart and their dedication to this.