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Since it’s February 14, we thought we would just take a few minutes to talk about all of the things that we love as a Home Builder Amarillo at Chaney Construction. We love Love, love doing what we do. We love building homes. We love taking an outdated homes that don’t work with flow and function anymore and breathing new life and loving on them and remodeling them. We love adding on to homes to give people more space for their loved ones. We love the design concepts. We love drawing up new plans, thinking of things outside of the box, coming up with new ideas and always just looking for something fresh. Those are the things we absolutely love. We love all of our past homeowners. We love all of our president homeowners. We love our community. We are just so grateful that Pampa is such a great community and to us directly, but we are also very thankful for all of the Texas Panhandle. We have serviced a wide range of people outside of the Pampa, Texas area. We’ve gone near and far and done lots of work and lots of different towns and counties and different homeowners ranches and things like that. And it’s just absolutely phenomenal to as each and every time that we get to build a home for somebody at Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo.

And we build a lot of homes. And there’s a lot of love that goes into it. And there’s also a lot of love that will live in it. And so we are always so proud whenever people just love their home. And their families are just so excited and content and just really proud of what it is that they have built. And so that really just makes them just love the whole process even more. And that’s one of the things too that is very important to us is that we want this whole entire process to be something that each homeowner loves and enjoyed. And something that they’ll remember for years to come. And something that they’ll recommend to their friends and family that they should do that’s very important to us. And we know that referrals and mean that people are sharing the love with us. And so those referrals mean a lot to us. And they’re very important as well as, as well as the fact that they enjoyed the process with us as a Home Builder Amarillo.

And so they’re willing to do that for us. And we have built so many relationships, so many friendships out of what we do not say another thing that we absolutely love about that we love working together, my husband and I do we love having our son work with us, we are so excited about the possibility of our other son come into work for us when he graduates high school and to learn one of our other businesses. We’re just extremely excited all around about the growth that is coming out of all of our companies. And we love sharing that with others, and creating new opportunities for other people to be able to join us in this way. And join us in this growth. And we’re not greedy people. We don’t try to keep it all to ourselves. But we know that through the growth of our companies will be able to hire more people on and that it’s just going to be phenomenal. And we always do a fantastic job of what of you know, making those companies grow. And it’s very hard work. But we know that all the effort that we put into it in the front and really makes a difference as to what comes out of it long term. And so that’s something that we really love and enjoy doing is we even love the hard work that gets put into these businesses.

And being able to keep them an upward trajectory, keep them keep them growing, keep them giving back to others, which is something that Chaney Construction does as a Home Builder Amarillo. And we are super excited about all of that. And some other things that we love. We love our family. Our family means so much to us, all of our kids, our daughter in law, our grandson, our extended immediate family. We just love family, families. Just something that is so important to us. And it’s just really the heart of what we do and why we do the things that we do. And so our family means so much to us. We truly love them. I have the best animals in the entire world. They’ve been fully supportive of me and my husband and our dreams and goals. And that’s what it’s all about family loving and supporting each other. And they’re our biggest cheerleaders. And as a Home Builder Amarillo our team at Chaney Construction are so and grateful for that. And eternally indebted to them for that and so that’s just something else that we love.

And I enjoy working with my husband so much it really is it does have its own set of tribulations, I’ll say that and but it really is the end of the day. There’s nothing more that I would want to do. But be able to support my husband and his dreams and visions and build those out for him as well. And to be able to help him grow and become the man that he was designed to be. And that’s just something that is extremely awesome. And people all the time comment about how in the world can you work with your husband, I wouldn’t be able to work with him for an hour and and I’m like, No, this is great. I love my husband. He loves me. He loves spending time with me. And this is a way that we get to build up our dreams and spend time together as well being a Home Builder Amarillo. And so we’re really just in support of each other and taking that on to the next level and always works out fantastic for us. So these are just a lot of the things that we love. And we hope that you’re doing things that you love in your life and have people that you love in your life.

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