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One thing that is important to consider when trying when building a home is whether or not you want to age in place so as a Home Builder Amarillo TX we take into deep consideration all accessibility features that we can without losing any aesthetic appeal so this can happen in a number of different ways wider doorways to allow for any wheelchairs or walkers to be able to move be moved easily throughout we can also achieve accessibility through the way we should build a shower so in the most common ways that you can build a shower to be accessible for longer and is to do a curbless shower.

So it so what that means is that the first step into the shower is not an upward step it’s just a step in so the floor would be smooth and flat going into the shower so that way you don’t have that little step to step over so you can still get a wheelchair or walker into that shower we also like to try to do showers and that can still be accessible with a bitch a shower bitch so that way you can sit and take a shower are you slice of frameless shower doors on those that can easily be taken off in the event that you need a little bit more accessibility and then at that point in time you would just use a shower curtain and its place and some of the other ways that as a Home Builder Amarillo TX we like to consider an excessive accessibility is in places that she might not think I have such as the garage.

So if you’ve ever had a garage where you park in and there’s a curb and that would you would have to build a ramp in the event that you ever needed a wheelchair or a walker to help you get into the interior of the home so we like to take a look at the best way to not have a card as well as to have the door into the main entry of the house be at ground level so that way there’s not anything in between you and the door for the time you get out of your car and go into the home and to the door there’s nothing protruding that could keep you from easily willing yourself some other things that we like to take a look at when doing a home drying is the toilet in relation to the room so you don’t want it if you’ve ever been in a hotel room and that was an ADA a hotel room because maybe the hotel was booked up for the night you know that those bathrooms are not very appealing so as a Home Builder Amarillo TX like to take a look at how we can make the bathroom still appealing but yeah in the future be accessible guy to also consider walls that in the future can have ADA grab bars installed on them that way you can go to the bathroom and transfer from the wheelchair to the toilet so that something else that we as a Home Builder Amarillo TX.

WE like to take a look at and consider for options down the road The great thing about considering these options in the beginning of the home drafting step of the process is that down the road you have a clear-cut idea of exactly what needs to happen so that that way you are still accessible in your home just a little forward thinking as a Home Builder Amarillo TX a little thinking about the fact that we all get older every single one of us dies seven of us get older a little bit faster than others some of us have a bad knee that you know you’re going to need a knee surgery or hip surgery or surgery of any kind that my and take away your mobility for a little bit these are all things and forward thinking things that need to be considered in the very beginning of the home building process so it just takes.

Just a little bit of time as sitting down and considering these things so that way at the end of your mobility and you arty know exactly what needs to happen instead of it being another huge chunk of money that you’re spending to try to make yourself be able to access features of your home that you might not be able to if you are already am mobile and wheelchair-bound or a walk or a balance there are other areas of the home that we also like to consider such as a breakfast bar we as a Home Builder Amarillo TX we like to think about the islands at the home maybe having a shower seated area to where you can still wheel app so that island and eat at that breakfast bar and without ever having to transfer from your walker or or from your wheelchair.

Give Chaney Construction or call as a homebuilder Amarillo TX these are things that she went to already have been proactive and considering before we get started on your project is this is a conversation that we will have with all of our clients and especially important another thing that’s also important in the home is lighting the older we get the more light we require is a goddess and then we also like to take into consideration we don’t want to spend all of your money for you attach some point in your life have to spend more money to make things doable to like to think about all of those things in the forefront. These are all things we consider as a Home Builder Amarillo TX. These are things that not all Home Builders consider. But we are a proactive company and we like to take a look at what we need to do in the beginning and not trying to figure out how to redo it in the end.