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when it comes to commercial projects projects you’re going to want the best Home Builder Amarillo TX we are the most highest and greatest reviewed in the Texas Panhandle we like to take online commercial project one thing that you might not know when wanting to redo your business whether that’s an office at church or any other type of commercial space is that the magnets you’d the how big the project is is going to dictate what all ADA compliances we have to follow so some of the things with 88 compliance is that we will have to follow include making sure that everything is handicapped accessible so Home Builder Amarillo TX this includes doorways walk ways sidewalks parking lot sinks fixtures door handles you name it and those are things that are going to have to be taking a look at

How much in depth we have to go with ADA compliance plans is going to include the amount of the project projects over a certain amount of money require a different set of rules to be followed by the state of Texas so if you get into a larger scale project it will require a draftsman to draft sufficient plans for the space and that will have to include things that this state is going to require once those plans have been drawn up then we have to send them over to a ADA inspector and we have one that we work with and that inspector is going to have to take a look at the plans and make sure that every rule is being followed so they have to be very thorough That’s why you would want to call Chaney Construction Home Builder Amarillo TX to help take care of this project for you it gets to be a lot an overwhelming for just the average person or the average builder and we are not the average builder and we have done work like this plenty of times and we know exactly what’s going to be expected of us by the state of Texas for ADA compliance Once the plans have been approved by the state of Texas in their inspector there will be inspections that have to be done along the way to make sure that we are following those plans in the ADA compliance standards

You might not think that you even need ADA compliance but you do and the reason for that is his you might not have anyone working for you at the moment that is handicapped or has a disability that requires different types of Accessibility for them but if you ever did have one you would be spending a lot of money to read you your office again and that would just be silly and waste of money so we want to make sure that it’s done right the first time so even if your project is not on a big enough scale that you think it needs to have ADA compliance these are things that you still want to consider the other the reasons that you would want to consider this is because of the fact that if you yourself was ever to become handicapped or disabled you would want to make sure that your business was something that was Holly accessible to you as well. As a Home Builder Amarillo TX

we see the great value in this just as you would want to make sure that as you got older in your own home you’re able to move around proficiently you would also want to make sure that you’re able to move around your business proficiently as well this also keeps you from having any limitations from whenever your company grows. In public settings you definitely want to make sure that your project is handicap accessible that keeps you from being not being able to have all types of customers makes it easier for your customers to be able to come to your place of business and do work for you as a Home Builder Amarillo TX we think that this is something that you really should consider not only is it required by the state of texas but it also should be something that you feel is important as well to be able to offer to your handicap or disabled customers there are some additional fees for having the plans drawn up as well as Having different types of permits and inspections we think that is still a great investment to make sure that your commercial project office space place of business church that they are all handicapped accessible we want to make sure that we

offer you all of these options in the beginning instead of having you call us back out to redo any of the things that we have already done for you we like to get things right the first time as a Home Builder Amarillo TX . Chaney Construction has been in the entire Texas Panhandle and serving the Texas Panhandle since 2005 giving us over 13 years of experience and growth we’ve had lots of experience with working on commercial projects and you’re going to want to call us to set up an appointment today by calling the number 806-688-9215 We know what the inspectors and ADA compliance rules are going to want and we know what to expect when they take a look at the project this can be overwhelming for most of the builders and they do not like to take on a large project for this reason. It is not something that you are going to want just any handyman to do for you. You need the best Home Builder Amarillo TX that there is and you will want to call us today. You can look at our website and see that we are knowledgeable about this type of service that we provide for commercial projects that are in your office or church or other type of business area. We hope that you will consider ADA compliance and we are happy that you will want to call Chaney Cons