So let’s say that you are moving into a new house that we just built for you. Okay? So the most frustrating part about this is probably moving itself. So we’re going to kind of talk about some tips and tricks about moving and packing and stuff. And that might kind of help it go by with some ease. And so one of the main problems about moving is procrastination. So just kind of get on top of things and plan out things where it’s going to go and stuff. And if you need to get rid of some stuff, go ahead and do that. So we’ll kind of get into that later. So first step is gathering boxes. So where can you get the boxes from? Is that always the question that people could ask? So first of all, you can gather some from, like Walmart or other big grocery stores like that, that kind of get new boxes every single day that deliver stuff. So you kinda have to try that out. You can also buy boxes, if Home Builder Amarillo TX ou wanted to buy that can oftentimes get expensive. But as you can’t find any than that is a good way to do that. And also maybe like ask around, and maybe some people have extra movie boxes laying around in their garage somewhere, and just kind of get creative.

So that is the way you can get some more boxes. And so another way is like another thing to do, before you move is go through your stuff, you need to pick out what you need and what you don’t, because sometimes there’s like this drawer in people’s kitchen or something that like they don’t ever touch. So maybe Home Builder Amarillo TX go through that drawer and go through your clothes and go through your shoes and go through their kids as toys to see, you know, what do we need, and what do we not need, because you really don’t want to spend the time and energy and money packing up the stuff that you’re really just going to put in your garage and never even opened the box too. So you know, that could be really avoided if you just go through the stuff before you pack it up. So that’s one of my main things, one of my main ideas, because that always seems to be a problem with me, I don’t ever want to throw anything away. So anyway, so you need to make sure that you’re using the right size boxes, you know, don’t use a little baby box to pack up.

stuff that is only going to take up like half of it, make the most of your things, make the most of your times and stuff and have your resources. So this will really help. And Home Builder Amarillo TX also make sure that you’re kind of labeling the ones that have glass and stuff, this will save you so much trouble in the long run. That way you don’t have to keep on yelling, oh careful, or what’s in here, what’s in here, you know, label those boxes, and especially with this class, and also label like which room they’re going to go into this will really help you when it comes to unpacking and stuff, you know, label which one’s going your kitchen label which ones go in your living room, your bedroom, your bathroom, your hallway, your kids room, your bit, your basement, you know, just really label it.

And sometimes it helps if you move like one room at a time if you’re moving close, but if not, it’s always not always possible, but maybe it would be possible to put also like a description of the contents like what’s all in the bag, don’t just put, don’t just put like kitchen, you know, maybe put kitchen contains glass goals and cuts, you know, just that way that you know what you’re unpacking, and you don’t spend time opening up the boxes, figuring out what you’re going to Home Builder Amarillo TX unpack first and this will kind of really help too. And another thing that you need to do is make sure that you’re really taking those boxes will you take the bottom and the top scenes at seems and you just need to make sure that you don’t have any accidents when it comes to people picking up these boxes to move them that everything just falls out because that’ll be terrible. So also make sure to bundle your breakables don’t put breakable on each box and said put them all together and bundle them up with packing paper bubble wrap newspaper, paper towel or like towels or anything like that.

Okay, so that’s very important. Like to kind of insulate those boxes and stuffs that way if something were to happen and this stuff got shifted around during the move, Home Builder Amarillo TX they would still be okay. And then stuff like TVs and everything like that. Just like walk them or wrap them in bubble wrap or blanket or something like that whenever you’re moving them just because they’re very easy to break and they’re also kind of a hassle. So when it comes to the clothes in the closet, this can be a very frustrating part so I like to do is like wrap them in trash bags and then use the tie strings at the very top to kind of tie around the hangers and I found that to work Home Builder Amarillo TX very very very well. And very efficiently too because you can move like huge stacks of closes very easily and nothing goes crazy and they’re still on the hanger so you can just put them directly in the closet. Also when it comes to shoes that can also be extremely annoying. Usually just put on my shoes on a Get anyways like in a big old bin and move my stuff like that. But some people might not like that they have fancier shoes. So maybe get one of those shoe hangers that go over your closet door and then just move the whole thing like that. That’s also an idea to do.