little bit, but let’s also talk about what I like to do for fun. So now I seriously seriously, seriously, love, like doing stuff on I know that kind of sounds weird because I mean look at this body type but I really like to like go hiking or go Home Builder Amarillo TX to concert to like I really just like to get to the house. But then on the other hand, I also kind of an introvert sometimes like a homebody and I really do like to stay at home. But then there are other times where if I stay at home too long, I’m literally going to go insane so I have to leave. So I think that it kind of just depends on my mood and kind of depends what’s been going on that week.

But if it’s been a crazy Home Builder Amarillo TX week, I literally will have to go insane if I stay at home. So yes, I like to do stuff like that. And then I also have recently like taken up baking the past couple years I love to bake. I love to bake cookies and cakes and I’ve always I tried to make beautiful cakes, but I just can’t. I think that I haven’t like actually set aside the time to super, super, super try. So I really need to like sit down, look up some recipes, put together some recipes and just try it out because I really want to be able to make my own recipe. I like combined recipes and stuff like that.

I want to just be able to like make my own kind of Home Builder Amarillo TX cookie or something you know Anyway, so that’s kind of like my idea right now it’s just kind of what I want to do. And then I also like to actually don’t mind going to school I like to study I like to go to school and I like to learn about things I just like to kind of like be the one to know stuff you know, I’m saying like, not like a know it all, but I like to, like in an emergency. I think we’ve talked about this before and an emergency, I want to be the one that can like help, I want to be able to know what to do. And so, yeah, I just kind of want to get like a lot of training done so that way I can be that lifesaver for someone. Yeah. Yeah. So another hobby that I have is golfing. I played golf in high school for two years, and I really did Anyways, I played golf for two years in high school and I really did enjoy it. I kind of just joined it to hang out my friends, but I really am glad that it that I did join it because I don’t know like, I feel like Golf really does teach you like patience and it kind of makes you think a step ahead. And you know, you kind of have to really think about what you’re doing, what club you’re going to use and everything, find out where the ball is, and it gives you a lot of time with yourself to kind of think and figure, you know, figure out what’s going on.

So I played with my best friend Marissa, and my golf coach was Mona Freeman and I love her so much. She was such a wonderful lady. And she really did teach me a lot about golf and about life and she died went to so many times whenever I was crying, dried my tears. She because during golf, you really have to kind of figure stuff out for yourself and your Home Builder Amarillo TX will get emotional. I don’t know why it’s like you feel like that number to find you. And so it was kind of emotional, but you really should have kept really, really under control and everything and so I really did enjoy playing For her, and I been recently going out and golfing with my roommates. They’ve like generic off whenever she was like young like below 10 years old or whatever and so and Amanda has never golf too so we went golfing and we went to like a little course that only had nine holes and they were all three parts and it was so awesome yeah, so it was just pretty fun. And another thing is that I really like to do is I like to go dancing me my friends and nursing school we always go dancing guitars but there was a little incident so now we have to wait to go for a few more Home Builder Amarillo TX weeks but then whenever we do get to go I’m so excited. And I love to dance it’s like country to stepping and to stepping that number two. Anyways, um, yeah, so I love to go and we all really go pretty often and like probably like once or twice a month, which is pretty often We usually go on Thursday nights because that’s college. And so we get in free.

And so yeah, when when Hello. And then there’s usually a lot of people and my friend is really good at dancing Lucas’s. I kind of didn’t expect him to be just because He kind of looks like a little nerd. But he is, I guess, a nursery school though at this point. We’re all nerds. So I mean, who am I to judge? I’m just getting I’m not judging Home Builder Amarillo TX him. But yeah, he really did surprise me. And so yeah, and another thing I like to do is I like to take this is gonna sound so weird. I like to take bass. I mean, obviously, I like to bathe myself but like also, I whenever I say take a bath. I really do love to take a bath, okay with my bubbles and candles and everything just by myself. But sometimes I fall asleep in the bathtub. So I really do have to kind of be careful because that was really old, dangerous, and it’s kind of scared me a little bit. So I kind of have to be careful now. But sometimes I like to just watch a movie. I just like to lay in bed, watch a movie and just hang out and relax. That’s kind of what I do to relax anyway