Everyone loves dogs. And sometimes people decide to bring a dog home. And whether it be from a breeder or from the local dog pound or anything to shelter. This is something that many families have been doing for years of getting dogs. Part of having a dog that comes indoors is potty training. And It can be a very frustrating thing. And it Home Builder Amarillo TX can take a long time and everything. And so let’s just kind of talk about how you can maybe make the house training a little bit more doable. Okay, so the first step is, Make sure to basically just like watch your dog, This is obviously kind of a no brainer, but make sure that you really are watching them, because they might go to like a secret place to go to the restroom, where you maybe you won’t be able to see it and everything.

So you need to be able to like watch certain areas, and just kind of keep an eye on your dog. Just like be as Home Builder Amarillo TX vigilant as possible, kind of looking for signs that the puppy dog needs to go. And you’ll learn these signs as they come and go. And also, make sure just a consistent schedule, so you can kind of get there partying, a little bit more regulated. So feed them at the same time order them at the same time and at the same spot. Okay. So I know that when my dog when I had my dog, I had to stay super consistent by what time I fed her and everything. And also about where I would take her out to use the restroom, especially like, if you don’t have a backyard to let her out in. I mean, even then, you know, keep her in the backyard, but like my dog would only go to the restroom.

Like when we were on a walk on the one certain Bush. So make sure to like keep these consistencies at least until while they are, you know, learning and everything. And if you’re not just releasing them into the backyard, make sure that they are on a leash, Okay, like even if you have a fenced yard, Home Builder Amarillo TX maybe you should start with them off with a leash. Just so that way they don’t get distracted. Like they’re no they’re not out there to have fun they are. No, they know that they are, like, there to use the restroom if you if you clean up after them and then just send them outside, they’re going to think that’s like kind of a reward. And they’re going to maybe keep on you know, doing it and not really fix the problem because you might just be super confused. And Another thing is like they can control their bladders for like as many hours as they are as many months old. So if you’re a puppy dog is you know, five months old, they can control their bladder for five House training hours, just kind of like a little easy thing. So typically, puppies need to go first thing in the morning after napping, eating. And then like while you’re playing and then right before bed, so they go pretty often. And also make sure that you are not punishing after the fact, like don’t rub their nose in or anything. Especially like, if it’s hours after it happened, okay, your dog Home Builder Amarillo TX doesn’t really remember or connect, like while you’re getting upset and everything.

And So the best thing to do is kind of catch your dog in the action and then tell them know, like, while they’re doing it, and then put them you know, take them to use the restroom like that. So that kind of helps them know what the heck you’re talking about. And then also just make sure you’re kind of like positively reinforcing them. Whenever they do, do the business, you know, go to the restroom outside, really do encourage them and clap and cheer. And they can stay. If you take them a great inside right after it happens, they’re going to kind of learn to hold it so they can stay outside longer. And Mike may delay the process that can be frustrating in the long run. So after I do to Home Builder Amarillo TX go to the restroom, give them some time to run around and everything. Because their dogs are super smart. Okay. So you know, each dog is different. And it takes different amount of times and different processes for each dog to get trained and everything.

And so you do need to be aware of what’s going to happen if they do pee in the bathroom or in the house. And so you know, get have some cleaning materials ready, whenever you bring your dog home just have a lot of the spray Home Builder Amarillo TX and a lot of paper towels, because it’s going to happen, it’s going to be inevitable. I tried the puppy pads with my dog, and sometimes she will use them. I think she used them like once or twice and then she just ate them all up. I adopted her when she was one. So it might be easier with a puppy I don’t really know it might be but I know that they kind of get destructive A little bit in their puppy years. And so you know, they could tear stuff up. And then another way to kind of make sure that they are getting potty trained is create training them. Create training is great. I think that because you know, whenever you’re traveling, they need to be in a crate. Or if you’re traveling for long distances or like if they’re staying overnight somewhere and they don’t, and whoever’s watching them doesn’t want them running all around, they can sleep in the crate and they will kind of learn that, you know, I don’t know I just think that it’s really good for them to have a place where they can go. But don’t use that as punishment.