So we’ve talked a lot about sizing and downsizing and how it’s just no longer fitting what you’re needing it to get what you’re needing to get out of it. Console, we know today we’re going to be talking about should you remodel? You know, is the remodel going to help you meet your needs? Is it going to help you feel far more in love with your house? Or are you going to want to move out? Okay, so this is kind of what we’re gonna be talking about. So firstly, you Home Builder Amarillo TX set aside, you know, do you like where you live, not necessarily the house you live in. But do you like the neighborhood that you’re in the town that you’re in? Do you like the location, Okay, so if you do like the location, you don’t want to move, then I would recommend just remodeling. Because the remodel can go a long way it can time to make a new house or house like feel brand new.

Okay. So also, with remodeling, you do need to be aware that, you know, your house is going to be kind of a mess, It’s going to be messy, you’re Home Builder Amarillo TX going to have building materials and people all over the place. And it depending on what your project is, how long the contractors take, you know, with us, we try to do our best on making it very quick. But we also do need to do our job and take our time and make sure the perfection is reached. And so oftentimes, we will give you a a estimate about how long it’s going to take. And so you can kind of decide that. And so if you already are in an area that you love, and you’re in a house that you love, if you love the basics, but you don’t necessarily love some of the, like the kitchen, or you don’t want the bathroom, you know, I would recommend remodeling because you don’t have to redo you don’t have to get a brand new everything you know, you can keep the things that you love, maybe you love your master bedroom, but you hate your kitchen, you know, you can keep your master bedroom and get a new kitchen, upgrade both of them. I mean, sorry, upgrade the kitchen.

And so you can have both of them that you really do love. Okay, so also moving as expensive. So not only do you have to look for Home Builder Amarillo TX the new house by the new house, but you’re gonna have to do renovations on that new house, it’s very rare to walk into a house and be completely in love with every single bit of it, you know, you’re going to have to do some renovations, whether they’re minor or major. But those minor renovations can really add up. So you might want to just really be aware of that. And also buying a new home can be can take a long time, It might take a long time to remodel, but it also will take a long time to close on a home so you can get in. And then once you get in once we have, like we talked Home Builder Amarillo TX about before, you’re going to have to do those renovations. It’s just inevitable.

And so it’s going to take time, it’s going to be stressful, and you’re going to be concerned about not buying a house, you know, if your kids are starting a new dish, a new school district, you’re going to want to be concerned about that. And so, remodeling Santa saves you the stress, but just going to add stress to it because of the time it takes. So Also, when you’re remodeling, you’re getting exactly what you want, when you’re moving, you may have to give and take a little bit, obviously, you know, but when you’re remodeling, you can sit down with maybe Jimmy and the team over at training instruction, you can talk about exactly what you want. And we can work hard to get to exactly that and what you need. Okay, so yeah, you get you can let tell us and we can give you a 3d model of everything that you can need, and want, and we can show you what’s gonna look like and we can get you an exact price however, you know, might have. Yeah. That being said, with remodeling, you’re going to probably have some surprise expenses that you weren’t necessarily expecting, maybe you changed your mind Home Builder Amarillo TX halfway through, I wanted to add something else. Or maybe y’all came across an underlying problem in the home, such as maybe there was something wrong with the plumbing or the wiring that you’re going to have to get fixed. But that’s also a plus side. Because if you were trying to, if you’re trying to sell your home and you got the home inspected, you know, maybe these problems would pop up, and it would be harder to sell the house. So this is actually kind of a benefit.

Because if you ever do Home Builder Amarillo TX decide to to sell the house, you can ensure that the new homeowners know that there was problem, but it had been fixed prior to them moving in. And so that might help you in the long run. Okay. So if you’re going to remodel, and then live in the hospital a bit, and then you do decide to build a new house or to move out, I think that it will help the price point go up, you know, so it’ll help the overall cost of the house For you For when it comes to selling, you might get more out of it. If you do specific renovations and remodels inside of the home. Like maybe redoing the kitchen, The kitchen is oftentimes what we see the most or like the bathroom. Most the time people want like new appliances, new countertops, new cabinets, and dresser drawers and stuff.