Because maybe your room is too small or something or you could also use like decorative bins, like milk crates or something that a lot of people use to kind of add an aesthetic of like a rest I kind of feel and everything and then you could also really just embrace minimalism, honestly. Like put put down some of your favorite, the central thing, get rid of everything else, you know, I’m saying like, you don’t You need too much stuff in your bedroom and so maybe try to get rid of a lot of stuff yeah Yeah so living in apartments I’ve had my fair share of like small bedrooms and stuff so some of the things that I have done is kind of like what they said or what I said earlier like kind of keep Home Builder Amarillo TX it lit up and everything. But I Home Builder Amarillo TX also kind of have a struggle with that personally because I really like it to be like super dark when I sleep so I have like two blackout curtains sometimes together like put together and hang them up over my my bed my closet.

Oh my gosh, I’m sorry, my window in my room and Home Builder Amarillo TX so in the middle of the day, it looks like the middle of the night. It’s so dark but I love it so much anyway, so that kind of makes it look a little bit smaller but when I’m feeling kind of claustrophobic or when I have people over anything, I always open up my windows and kind of let a breeze come through. And then also what I like to do is I kind of have like a big closet. So I like to keep that open just because it seems like there’s extra space and stuff. And like I also add pops of color here and there, like a cute tapestry or a wallpaper, something, just something on the walls to kind of look at and also I do have two mirrors in my room and they’re kind of side by side like on a corner for once we say one way you want to think the other way and it really does add a sense of openness to the space and I don’t think there’s really any way you can go wrong with mirrors like Yeah, I love them so much. So another thing that you know you could do to decorate your bedroom is of course sorry I drawn a blank Let me think for a second. Yeah, so you could use a bold color accent wall. So as we discussed before, you know adding some accents here in there.

But also if you’re in a rental or an apartment, it might be kind of hard for you to be able to add. So you can use your headboard or something I know we kind of Home Builder Amarillo TX talked about keeping it simple, but it just really honestly depends on you and what you’re going to do and what all you have going on because if your walls are completely white and everything is clean, white, you’re going to want a pop of color. And so your bed to be used as that and then also you’re going to want to as we said before, do the under bed storage. There are some beds that literally have dressers built in underneath and for proper storage but you know like those clothes that you don’t wear like you’re the all those sweaters and jackets and stuff here not wearing during the summer pack them away.

So you have more room To that’s like a really good idea is going through everything you have like every season and deciding what you’re going to wear and Home Builder Amarillo TX what you’re not going to wear. Because half the time like I don’t touch half the clothes in my closet because it’s just not in season. And so I really feel like this could save like a lot of honestly money too because yeah, I guess you could save money I think because I feel like whenever you have something in your closet, like you get tired of looking at it and you end up wanting to buy, you know, new stuff and so this is just like a way that will kind of keep you from doing that too. You know. So yeah. So like stackable things are hard to get to for storage. And then also like we kind of touched on this a little bit is to stick with a neutral palette. It just kind of feels like it kind of if you have to Any pops of color, it can really feel cluttered and everything. And that’s where it’s mostly coming from. You know, like, that’s why we say maybe don’t do your headboard. But sometimes you might, if you have like one or two pops of color, it’s not going to be a problem.

But if you have, like everything is different color is going to be way too claustrophobic and is going to be way too busy. And so the space is just going to seem smaller. And then also get some double duty furniture, you know, I’m saying, so, you might use your bedside table as also your dresser. Like if it’s a tiny one, you know, I’m saying so yeah, or you can use it like as your vanity you could use your dressers, your vanity and stuff like that. Yeah, so if you’re just like have one piece of furniture that can meet a lot of different needs, that will really come in handy too. And so also, you might like use different materials for different things. So my friend had her bed up against a wall that had like a chalkboard on it. And so it was like your bedside table. I’m sorry, you could also use milk crates as bedside tables to kind of save some space. I actually bought this like super, super tiny TV stand. It was tiny but it was like the perfect height for my bed because my bed was really high off the ground and so it was so perfect and so I just used it as that as my bedside table and it was like the perfect fit because it was small enough because it actually is really tiny Home Builder Amarillo TX.