Hello, everyone, Today is August 22. And it is 3:30pm. And yeah, so we’re just all at work right now. And it’s just really fun. I work with my Home Builder Amarillo TX family at the family business. So it’s really convenient. And it’s fun, and it’s pretty cool that I’m able to do it. And yeah, I’m so I’m pretty thankful for it. And then so let’s just do these SEOs and let’s get rockin and rollin. Okay, so first of all, let’s talk about where I like to shop. I am not materialistic, like, kind of take pride in that I don’t really care much about brand or anything. The only thing that I ever really care about brands on is food, like what kind of stuff I’m eating.

So not even like healthy stuff, just like I don’t really like Taco Bell. You know, and I don’t really live like when I’m grocery shopping, I will buy the Home Builder Amarillo TX expensive stuff if it tastes better and not necessarily like depending upon the brand, because you know, if the cheapest brand tastes the best, I’m going to buy the cheapest brand because it tastes obviously the best not because it’s the cheapest brand. But yeah, so I’m not very materialistic, but I do like to shop. But it doesn’t really matter to me, like where are like how much it is, obviously, I don’t want to spend too much. I’m just saying like, I don’t really, like take pride and owning a Home Builder Amarillo TX lot of like designer or anything. So like one of the main places like to shop for my jeans is that Old Navy.

I’ve kind of grown since high school. And it is sad, but it is truth. And so I’ve been having to get new pants over the past couple years. And I really like the skinny jean fit because you can wear them with like boots, or you can cut up the bottom and wear them with sneakers. And so yeah, I really do like to cut them up. And then I can also wear them with like sandals, I don’t really like to wear a boot cut jeans with sandals, I just think it kind of looks weird, but some people can really pull up. I’m just not one of those people. And so yeah, I think that it’s a good look. And also I like to get my shirts, honestly anywhere, sometimes Walmart, sometimes Old Navy, usually just buy them online or like that forever 21 I usually just get like a oh yeah o yeah i plain shirt like plain black, white gray t shirt or whatever. I’m wearing my jeans and then some white tennis shoes. Or I just go to the mall and get like a cute card again, or cute little tank top or anything. But really I don’t shop as much as I would like to. But you know, it is ok. And then I usually like to get my shoes just like the shoe department or Amazon. I’m actually going to get some shoes. right after this. I need to just stop by really quick and then I’m going to head home. But I think I’m going to get like they have this new sandals. It’s like kind of the new style was like a little Corfe at the bottom with like a black strap or really just like any color strap anyone’s like on the top. Like it goes around your ankles. Well, I really think that those are so cute, but I don’t know, they’re kind of basic right now.

But I think they’re so cute. So I don’t Home Builder Amarillo TX know, I might try to find a different kind of channel. But it’s really hard to find sandals that like you can dance in and they’re comfortable. And they’re also cute, because I don’t know, I just feel like it’s really hard. Anyway, so I’m pretty excited right now I am running to Brahms to get some ice cream from me, Amy and Amanda. And I’m very excited. My favorite kind of ice cream is probably mint chocolate chip. But I think today I’m going to get some chocolate chip cookie dough, just cuz that’s kind of what is on my tongue. It’s on the edge of my tongue. I can almost taste it. It’s going to be really good. Amy is getting a single hot fudge sundae with nuts. And Amanda is getting a single hot fudge sundae without any nuts with extra fudge. That sounds pretty good too. But I don’t really want that right now. But I just do want a Home Builder Amarillo TX one single tip of chocolate chip if you want to watch I hate when people don’t turn on their blinkers whenever they drive. It makes me so mad especially like when they’re turning right here in front of me like at an intersection and the light is green.

So I’m trying to go and they don’t, you know speed up go the route to turn and it literally makes me so mad. But it’s okay. It’s okay. Everything’s okay. Oh, I see a fire truck over here at the street Toyota. I wonder what’s going on? I hope everything’s okay. Oh, there’s also a ambulance. But they’re all just standing around. It doesn’t really look that serious, I guess. Okay, well, I’m press pause on this recording, too. Well, I’m still in line. So I guess I can talk for a little bit longer. Anyway, so back to those shoes. I am excited. Oh, you know what I didn’t talk about okay, but so anyways, where I get my drory from is honestly mostly Walmart. I love just to get like hoop earrings from there are like sometimes they have some cute necklaces. But also Claire’s. It’s like a jewelry Home Builder Amarillo TX store place and usually it’s for like little kids and it really is honestly but and I’m almost 21 and I don’t mind going there oh yeah