So you’re moving into a new Home Builder Amarillo TX house, are you moving into the house that’s just been built for you or remodeled or whatever, and you haven’t been in it for a while. So chances are the groceries that you had, are no longer so let’s say you’re just starting completely over. Okay. So this is Home Builder Amarillo TX like one of the most expensive. One of the most expensive things that have to happen. But anyways, yeah, so it’s annoying, and it’s stupid and expensive. However, you know, you can’t not eat. So This is an be talking about. So we’re going to be talking about, like the very first grocery trip of moving into a new house, Okay.

So kind of like talking about what you should buy, and then that it’s going to be expensive, you should honestly know that. So it’s going to be expensive, because Home Builder Amarillo TX you’re starting over from scratch, you know, you have nothing in your kitchen, and you’re starting over. So there are some basic necessities that you’re going to have to buy for the very first time that you’re not gonna have to buy for a while in a while. Okay, it’s like, you’re gonna have to replace them as we go. But for this first time, we’re buying everything in bulk, you know, okay, at the same time, too. So that’s what makes it so expensive. So So there are going to be certain things that you buy in bulk.

So first of all, all of Ol, are like some kind of oil cooking spray or anything. So this is used for everything. It’s used for baking, salting, basically everything. So you really want to make sure that you have enough oil in your house, and it can be annoying to replace, even though it’s not that expensive, it can just be kind of annoying, because whenever you run out, that’s the time that you really need it. Because usually how that goes but also rice, Okay, so it needs to be stored like airtight. So he never goes bad. But if you buy like a 10 pound bag of rice, that’s going to last you for so long. Okay. And then also pasta is one of the staples in a lot of people’s diets. And if you buy like several boxes, or several bags of pasta, and you keep that store tight as well, then Yeah, so that is also like a really big thing. I know that I have pasta, about like once a week, Okay, so it is just extremely common in my diet. And So yeah, also canned goods, you know, they don’t ever expire. So you can go ahead and start buying them, I know that I like to bulk buy green beans, and corn, and spinach. And so you know, maybe that’s something that you’re interested in. Yeah. And then one of the most annoying things That is also expensive is buying the spices, okay, like the salt, pepper, the garlic powder, onion powder, and everything, okay, it just adds up. So it’s annoying to go to a grocery store and spend like $50 on just spices. But you know, those spices don’t run out very long. Or I’m sorry, Don’t run out very quick. So you’re havin for a long time. So It’s necessary, it’s just kind of annoying sometimes. So besides spices, you’re going to want to have some quick meals at your disposal. So like maybe some frozen pizzas, or some ramen noodles, or hot pockets, you know, stuff like Home Builder Amarillo TX that. And you’re also gonna want to have like stuff for sandwiches, okay, because everyone like sometimes comes home for lunch.

And they don’t want to you want to make a huge meal. So they’ll just, you know, make something quite so you need to be able to have something quick, I usually struggle and I tried to make meals when I go to the grocery store. And so it’s just Home Builder Amarillo TX really good idea to go ahead and buy some things that you can make in a quick hurry. So, um, yeah, so then you’re going to want to have some baking goods, if you’re anything like me, and you’re just, you’ll just love baking. So flour and sugar are both two things that you can also buy in bulk, but you’re not going to replace them every every single day or every single week. But definitely you do need to start out with them. And also like brown sugar, okay, so that’s for like cookie there, you know, stuff like that. And so you need to buy that. And then also vanilla extract. I could also go with the spices, but I know that I go through vanilla so much, so you wouldn’t think I would, but I really do. And then also like baking soda and baking powder. And it is for a lot of things like flour, I’m sorry, like bread, you know, cake baking during that. So yeah, so there’s some things that obviously you’re going to have to buy regularly as they come and go because they expire quickly. So some of these things will be like eggs and milk and stuff, Stuff like that, like butter, Okay. And then bread loaves, I like to buy the smallest because I don’t feel like I ever finished them.

So maybe that’s something that you could Home Builder Amarillo TX talk about. And then obviously like other stuff for sandwiches. And then also I try not to spend very much money on junk food, but sometimes I do so sometimes you might want to get like one snack or something. So chances are if you’re at the grocery store, because you’re starting over, You’re going to have to buy stuff that’s not just groceries. So you’re going to have to buy like Ziploc bags, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, parchment paper, wax paper, plastic, gallon bags, court bags, napkins, paper towels, dish soap, laundry, soap, paper plates, you know, stuff like that, Okay, And that can be very annoying. But you know, it’s always necessary to have those things and you don’t really have to replace those like every single week.