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Home Builder Amarillo TX to be able to let you see the outside of the cabinets as well as the inside of the captain’s special. special features such as pull out drawers or doors with pull out his them keep you from having a bit over to look at the way is in the bottom of your cabinets. There’s also lots of other special features such as built in Lazy Susan things for corner captions. You can even have corner drawers a look like a Pac Man almost thankful out just like a drawer would.

That keeps you from having any dead space two quarters. So some of the things we as a Home Builder Amarillo TX also like to take a look at it. Make sure it’s exactly what you want is this door style. There are lots of different door styles. You can have raised panel doors, shaker style doors, beaded shaker cell doors, you can have slapped doors, you could have a lot of different things. You can have inset doors, which are a lot more costly, but the to give a lot more sleek finish look and see. You’ll also be able to match your your friends back to your doors to seven times when we get to a skinnier drawer that look might need to change a little bit. But the other things when picking out doors and tour styles is that you also want to consider what kind of outdoor pools you’re going to be using. So we want to take a look at that. So we can make sure that the cabinet building process the cabinet maker can go ahead and refinish those drill holes.

And all we have to do is pop those cabinet pools and door knobs on to the door once it’s finished. So that makes installation go a lot faster and a lot easier. So with picking out cabinet door styles and drawer styles, you’re also going to want to pick out either certain things such as event whether or not we’re doing a built invented without vented what’s to look like this is typically a custom feature we as a Home Builder Amarillo TX have lots of different bits you could choose from, we can also create a different style for you as well. Another thing to consider when picking Outdoors is do you want any type of frosted or decorative glass any of those stores so you can use an obscure topic last that gives us a really nice finishing touch without showing exactly what’s behind those doors. You don’t have to worry about keeping those dishes nice and neat because you won’t be able to very well see them on top of this class panels You can also have pieces of Decker decorative would you create a nice design so it kind of fills that void of that class.

So those are really great features that we can do there’s also other really great features that you’re going to want to look at all of these do you add to the class but the to me so one of those might be rounded corners so that would be where we basically take a decorative and piece to each was taller cabinets and give them some rounded corners those it’s just a nice to the she touched not all of them to have them it’s very custom field. Another thing that we as a Home Builder Amarillo TX wanted to take into consideration or building your cabinetry is your island so if your island has it that have been over a we’re going to need me to pick out some portables so portables are basically just wood frame that holds that way of the credit off over the island to keep that from falling are stacking those Kevin many different thicknesses and many different decide to do something very simple you do something extremely decorative to those are just all the really want to take into consideration and nice feature that we like to offer in all of our problems with their cabinet because they pull out trash can tour. So you pull that cabinet or out to talk looks like a door. But it’s a tall drawer basically. And it holds your to trash cans inside that it’s typically we like to pick out right next to either the dishwasher or right next to the stove, whichever you feel like it’s most convenient for you as far as preparation and cleaning. So we like to do that. Also inside that trash is another smaller drawer that you can pull out it’s hidden in there.

And that’s a great place for you to store your trash bags and other types of the sites that she would need. So that’s really great features that we really like to offer our customers just kind of a standard feature and all of our homes as a Home Builder Amarillo TX. So another really great feature that you can include in your kitchen cabinets is spiced out space to be spice racks they pull out the you can see while standing at the stoves it’s really great way to organize and be able to find the correct spices that you need for your meal at a moment’s notice. So these are all things that we use a filter Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo TX really likes to consideration that a lot of the other guys don’t. So this customization of your kitchen makes us unique in this area, we fill in something very important. Something else that you really want to take into consideration is what type of appliances to use on a regular basis and what type of small appliances to use on a minimal basis. So if you have a Kitchen Aid mixer, we want to definitely make sure that we have a great place for you to be able to store that with ease of use. So if you like to use your kitchen a big circle is a really tall mixers and I daily basis that we might need to find a way to raise some of the upper cabinets so you can keep that on top of your counter talk at all times. If you don’t use your Kitchen Aid mixer very often than a nice pull out feature would be great for that. The other thing to like take into consideration as far as small appliances or a toaster ovens and toasters and coffee pots, things of that nature is all things that can be uniquely stored inside a door or sure so that way it keeps your kitchen lucky. Free of clutter also keeps you at ease of access to the things that you use the most. So these are all things we like to take into consideration.

We like to talk to you about these things to make sure that all of your needs are really bad. And if you have lots of Tupperware dishes that you use for leftovers in storage needs of that nature that we definitely want to consider doing some type of pull out feature for you to be able to easily access all of those bowls and glitz and with with ease. So these are all the big consideration where your microwave is going to go. We don’t typically like to start by grip on top of the countertop. So doing some kind of filter advisory feature or maybe even just to keep the microwave in the pantry to get that off at that line of sight. These are all things that are very important as for aesthetics as well as important to us functionality to be like to take that aesthetic feel and the functionality and comb Home Builder Amarillo TX