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All of these things are very important and stay on track it’s going to help us get there. Most builders take her time. But as a Home Builder Amarillo TX Chaney Construction takes great pride in getting the project finished it at least six or route six seven caps these things can take auger due to weather conditions or material scheduling. If there’s a material that is very unique to your home, that is awesome. It’s typically ordered for our areas of types that can positively and the process but making sure that you are going to be able to be quick to make decisions is the biggest part of the project. So if you are an indecisive person that we definitely want to be sure that everything is locked out before you begin the project.

Otherwise, it could take this a lot longer than expected and that’s retention starts. So we have a great online software tool that we use and we can add selections into for you to take a look at along with this election she will see multiple today these due dates are very professional and vital to the home building process. The reason that these two dates are very crucial vital to the home building process is because if these items are not selected five today, it will cause delays. The longer that we are on a project that we as a Home Builder Amarillo TX did not anticipate the board caustic you is the homeowner in that can become a very large problem throughout the project.

So when you’re incurring additional expenses for different things that you cannot make up your mind on doc started to be very costly, which would cause a lot of frustration on your end as well as frustration on our end to having calls the proper materials selected and decided on prior to or on the due date allows us to be able to take you on with our scheduling of the subcontractors. So let’s say that you have a duty on selecting plumbing fixtures before the reference and applying Ruffin takes place. This is important because the plumbers point each knowing exactly what kinds of faucets and tips things of that nature in order to make sure that all of the pipes or improper place for this project to happen. Without these decisions being made beforehand. A lot of things can happen from having to bust up called create and moving lied to accommodate for things that had not been decided all are things that can add costs to the bottom dollar.

This can be very frustrating as well as with the plumber has to come back to make out expected changes that is also additional fees incurred as well as additional time being added to the project. The same thing with any type of lighting fixtures. So we as a Home Builder Amarillo TX got the whole wired for a certain number of slides fixtures, and you decide later on down the road. You want to change your mind, delete some things or maybe add some fixtures that the electrician has to come back and rewire the whole to accommodate for that which can also add a lot of costs to the bottom dollar project as well as the time frame. As a Home Builder Amarillo TX we believe that having all of these things decided on in a timely manner can really help down with the cost as well as the time frame. So the quicker we can be in and out, it can be in your health, happier everyone will be. So the other reason that having things decided I didn’t be at CES very important is because this creates less confusion.

So we have a lot of changes back and forth, back and forth, then the final decision can be lost in the communication. So if be changing your mind on one particular thing, then it’s hard to keep up with what the final decision was. So we want to make sure that all these final decisions are made prior to the actual due date through deadlines. Another thing that can cause a huge headache as well as a burden on everyone is the lack of proper planning. So when you cannot properly plan in advance, it creates a lot of confusion on the timeline. What is the great things about our online software is being able to keep track of your approvals. So if you have gone in and approve to certain things and then later have changed your mind then you will be clearly aware that that was the decision that was made that was the

product that was going into the home and any changes beyond that we are above and beyond when things are already decided in place before the beginning of the project. This helps us to create a board accurate to the pity budget for your home. So that gives us a closer bottom dollar effort we’re home when the are a lot of changes are and decided things those amounts can fluctuate up or down. And those can definitely start to cause a headache and stress on the hopeful home owner as well as as the Home Builder Amarillo TX so we want to be as upfront with you in the beginning as possible with lots of things are undecided that can start to create a really long list of change orders that just increase your bottom dollar without keeping a close eye on those numbers. You make it to the end of the project and be shocked that you’ve actually gone over so much which could cause a lot of frustration and when you as the homeowner are frustrated that just not create a wonderful and unique experience for you which is our goal that Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo TX is to create a unique and life changing experience for you in a