And we had like a kick out and stuff and everyone came over and we just hung out and had some wars and stuff. My birthday is in September. So like, I have never had like those cool birthday parties at the pool or anything just because it’s always so cool. Because the very end of September, like usually My birthday is either the first day of fall or the last day of Home Builder Amarillo TX summer. Just like that’s just how it falls. And get it fall fall. Okay, so anyways, so yeah, those are definitely my two favorite birthday parties I’ve ever had. I remember one time so my best friend Mary at her birthday. Her birthday is on the 15th in mind on the 22nd and so we’re like exactly a week apart and so she would always have these like super cold worst birthday parties. Until let’s just talk about those. So on the very first birthday party that I remember it was me her and Alex and it’s so funny because like we’re still three best friends and you know we were when we were younger and stuff so it’s just kind of funny how life works out that way. But anyways, and so her mom took us to WT which is like a college Home Builder Amarillo TX up here and Anyways, stick us there. And then there’s like a waterpark saying like indoor waterpark.

And so we were able to do that for her party for her birthday party. But like, we can do that for mine just because one like, you know, mine’s a little big later, and we just had it for hers. And it was just kind of expensive. And so that’s not really like how my family rolled. And also, whenever one of us has a birthday party, my family like everyone shows up. And so there’s always something to do anyways. And so like, a whole family won’t be able to go just because they would want to like party and stuff. Anyways, and so I could just never happen anyway. So marriage was like there and it was so much fun. I remember, had a great time and like we met some friends and stuff and Home Builder Amarillo TX we still kind of talk about it to this day and like several years later, and yeah, we were like super young, probably like fourth or fifth grade whenever that happened. And anyways, so I remember also one year in junior high Merritt had like this huge barn in her backyard and so we would like she set up this projector her parents did for her birthday. And what’s it called? And they showed a scary movie and like almost everyone in the school team. And I mean, of course, that’s a very small school.

So there were probably like 50 people, but still, that’s actually a lot in her backyard, and it was just such a great time. And her mom was like, so nice. And I remember, I was like, so scared. And we all like brought our own blankets and pillows and stuff. And we thought that we were so cool because we were like, outside after midnight, even though we were all in her backyard. And yeah, it was just Home Builder Amarillo TX really fun. Yeah, but anyways, I think that’s like really important for birthday parties for your children. Because, you know, like, my childhood memories when I look back are usually like at people’s birthday parties. I mean, obviously the first probably like three or four aren’t really as important. I mean, like you should just like celebrate, but that’s honestly like the party especially for like the first year birthday is mostly like a party for the parents for like surviving. You know it So, like as they get older and as they get into school and stuff, I think that it’s kind of important.

Actually, I think it’s very important because like I said, most of my memories from grade school and stuff are from birthday parties and like that’s how I made most of my friends growing up and I like I still have the two best friends now that I did whenever I was in elementary school. And so yeah, and you know, they moved in together I would move with them, but I couldn’t because I go to a different town for school anyways, and so I just recently moved I wasn’t live with them but I was like marriage neighbor really down the street from Alex because I didn’t want to like run our Home Builder Amarillo TX friendship. Oh, that’s another thing whenever you’re picking roommates do not move in with your friends. Oh my gosh. So I really did learn this lesson. And it’s actually kind of sad but like we didn’t stop being friends just because of us living together because honestly, we probably could have gotten over that and like finding a set because I had to move out.

The honestly like that we both were mean to each other. At the very end and just like disrespect each other but like I feel like that never would ai came into play if we didn’t live together, you know, because yeah, like we had so much pent up aggression. And so like, whenever something happened, like we really just kind of went off on each other. But anyway, so like, I really did learn my lesson about living with people I live by myself for a little bit after I moved out of the apartment with her. And it was like really Home Builder Amarillo TX good. I loved it in some aspects, but also I hated it, because like, we were no longer friends and so I didn’t really have like any friends or family there. So that was like the hard part. If I would have had friends and family there, it would have been so much better but I just didn’t and so it just kind of a sad, and maybe living alone really hard but then now I live in Abilene and my apartment