Okay guys, I am running out of things to talk about. So we’re going to talk about acetaminophen and ibuprofen and medications and stuff like that. Okay, so acetaminophen is the fancy word for Tylenol and it does not have any anti-inflammatory effects okay it mostly it’s just an analgesic so it’s like a pain medication and an anti Radek which is it brings fever down yeah so it has no effect on inflammation and swelling Okay, so we should really know that that is like one of the main reasons and then also acetaminophen, you cannot take it like that too much so it can cause liver damage. And so like if you’re an alcoholic, you can only take a certain amount of the medication per day I think that the actual like recommended Home Builder Amarillo TX doses like for I don’t know four milligrams grams. I don’t remember I’m sorry. Anyways, for and then also, yeah, so we can cause liver damage.

Okay, so let’s talk more about acetaminophen. So why do people take it a Tylenol basically. So basically, a popular pain medication and is best for like headaches or lowering fever because it’s anti erratic. So, some side effects are an upset stomach. So these are part of a group called INSEAD and INSEAD are known for gi upset and so or like gi bleeding. And so and gi means gastrointestinal tract. Ok. So the way that you can look out for gi bleeds are black tortilla stools or coffee con emphasis. And, yeah, and then so it might also cause a rash. And so you need to stop immediately if it causes a rash. And if you do take too much in one day, just come on in and we can give you a little sustain and that is the antidote for that. And as I said before, it does have potential limit liver damage, and you cannot take it with Home Builder Amarillo TX like alcohol because of the liver damage, side effect. And so ibuprofen so this is like Advil MMO trained as well. Best for this does decrease inflammation and swelling. And also like muscle aches and joint pain.

And so it can cause cardiac problems because you’re at an increased risk of heart of heart attack or stroke whenever you’re taking this. So maybe a side effect might be heartburn, you know that you really need to watch out for it. And then it can also cause potential liver kidney damage. kidney damage. Okay, so, like, I’ve heard some stomach pain too. Yeah, so don’t take over the counter products like naproxen. So basically, like a leaf and don’t take that together. Okay. And don’t take it if you have any stomach ulcers, or if you’re taking blood pressure medication, and once again Home Builder Amarillo TX, because the GI bleeding so black cherry stools and coffee on emphasis and emphasis is another word for throw up. So if you’re throwing up and it kind of looks like coffee grounds. Don’t take it. So yeah. That’s basically that. So let’s talk about a little bit more about some medications. So Adam, it’s pretty dangerous. I’m sorry, not Advil, aspirin. So aspirin is pretty dangerous whenever you have a child do not give them aspirin because if you give them aspirin and they have a viral infection, it can cause I don’t remember the exact name of the disease, but they can find a lot of different things it can cause raise disease, aspirin toxicity.

Yeah, just like a lot of different things. Okay, but, um, let’s also talk about maybe so let’s talk about like, there are medications that can be used at home like in home remedies for stuff not necessarily like health wise, just like around the house. So let’s kind of talk about that. Okay. Okay, so you can use aspirin around the home. I always forget to use it. Okay, so I don’t necessarily know if these walls are all 100% true. These are just stuff I’ve heard. So you can use it to remove sweat stains on T shirts and stuff. So fill up a bowl with warm water crush for aspirin tablets, then like soak them. Sure in the bowl for 60 minutes, and then after that wash like you normally do. I don’t know how this works. I don’t know what the chemical components that make up the aspirin and stuff. I don’t know. But I do know that just kind of what I heard. So you know, yeah, we’ll see. And then you can also use it to Put one like to make Home Builder Amarillo TX flowers last really long whenever you get flowers usually there’s like this powder put in the water. Well if you like changing out your water and stuff like this Your father’s philosophy really long time so just filter base with water and then put an aspirin pill inside the vase.

You can crush it up and stuff and just repeat that every 14 days until the flowers are dead and it really does help make them last longer. So whenever they are you can also use it it’s like an exfoliate or so put some baking soda and lemon juice in a bowl and use two aspirin tablets mixed in there and it’s going to be kind of like a paste and then Home Builder Amarillo TX put it on your face and then let it like massage it in a circular motions until it all covered evenly. And then let it sit there for 20 minutes on it runs it off. And only do this like once every two weeks just because you know you want to keep you don’t want to exploit everything. Today it’s really bad for your skin. But you can also exfoliate your lips so get one aspirin tablet brown Home Builder Amarillo TX sugar and honey and it’s going to be like a little pace and apply it using circular motions once again and it kind of massage it in and then let that stay for 15 minutes and washed away with the water and then repeat that every 14 days too.