One of the most exciting parts about getting a new house or buying house or simply just remodeling is definitely picking the paint colors. So Home Builder Amarillo TX we’re going to like walk through kind of each room in the house and discuss what kind of paint colors I think would be good. But this is not like a crazy thing like and just up to the homeowners. And that’s just like what I would personally choose. But ultimately, it’s up to you, And what your family wants and needs. So first of all, I think I want to be walking maybe like to the way it should be like a light welcoming color, because it’s going to have light from the sunlight from the windows and from the glass door. And so I would do something like that the thing was like that the sunlight can reflect off of such as maybe like a light gray, or like an eggshell white.

Or, Yeah, that’s what I would pick, I would probably pick like a gray and usually great is really good with magic furniture. So also, whenever you are picking a living room, that’s brings me to another point, you really want to look at the furniture you have or have the furniture going to buy. If that’s what you’re basing your paint colors off of there might be a little Home Builder Amarillo TX bit easier whenever you are building light to paint and then pay your manager but in this case, we’re talking about you know, they already have your furniture. So you need to pick something that will not like clash with the furniture color, like maybe be a good contrast or just like something that will go along in the same theme. So you don’t want to have you know, red furniture and yellow walls, that would just look terrible. I would say that if you have a great furniture, maybe do like a white wall, or maybe a darker gray or something like that, or maybe even like red, a neutral tone furniture is really good. For walls.

If you want to do like a light blue or like something like one of those colors, I know that my house, our walls are red and our furniture is brown and it looks really nice. By Home Builder Amarillo TX my aunt’s house, her furniture is blue and her wall or yellow. And it looks good. But like sometimes if it’s too yellow or too blue, it is really clash. So that’s just something to look out for. And then in the bathroom, you can honestly do anything you want in the bathroom in the bathroom is like your place because you don’t really have like furniture you have cabinets and counters and but like you can repaint that would refinish it or like that tile. So Yeah, so yeah, you have to pay attention to the tile, colors with the wall colors. But usually the bathroom is way more forgiving.

So my header bathroom that I’ve ever been into was, was like a yellow bathroom. And or like, I’ve also been into a red bathroom with the black and white tile floor. And that was just beautiful. And it kind of gave off like an old timey 70s kind of feel. And it was very, very, very beautiful. And I would definitely recommend something like that kind of like, you can add your own personality and a space as small as the bathroom, no one really thinks about that, they often just think about their dream bathroom. And like all nice and elegant, that’s perfectly fine. That’s also very beautiful. But if you wanted to add some color, The bathroom could be a good place to do it. And then also in the kitchen, you might want to do like some kind of textured color in the dining room. That’s what we have, and it looks beautiful. And It’s like a light brown. And it’s beautiful, and it’s textured. And you honestly really can’t go wrong with that. I mean, I think that you could probably add too much around the Home Builder Amarillo TX house. But if it was just like in the kitchen in the dining room, or maybe the living room, I don’t think that’s too much at all, I think that is a good match. When I was younger, my mom, Let me paint my bedroom and I decided to do the top half purple, The bottom half of the wall blue with like a zebra border thing in the middle. And that was like the worst decision that we could have ever made.

I don’t know why she let me do that. But that was just the worst paint decision I’ve ever made. But, um, you know, the good thing about painting is that like you can always paint over and you can Home Builder Amarillo TX always redo it and nothing is ever permanent. In the house, that’s a good thing to remember is that whatever changes you make, you might not like 10 years down the road, so you can definitely change it up. And paint it’s just like one of those things that can be temporary or long term. And also if you have kids might be important to pick a high gloss paint that you can, like has easy clean. So if that way they get their sticky dirty fingers all over the wall, you can just wipe it off and will simply be gone. The mats are kind of harder to clean off. And just because of the fact that like the high gloss shine ones kind of have like a slinky little sheen on the very top. And so that’s what most of Home Builder Amarillo TX the families usually go for. And I’ve also seen like in children’s rooms like the top half will be the mat and very classy looking in the bottom half will be glossy. And once again, it’s for cleaning purposes. And I think that it really helps around the house a lot. And this might also be good like if you want to have a backsplash but you don’t want like Tyler anything back there. If you want to just do paint.