. And then someplace I like to get other piercings, sometimes it just kind of depends, because usually these are expensive, but sometimes they’re really cute is from like Spencer’s. I think that’s cute. Anyways, it was so hot. My sister’s dog is Home Builder Amarillo TX staying with us. And it looks like a little rat, but it’s fine. It’s cute. I just hope apparently Home Builder Amarillo TX doesn’t really stay outside that much. But right now it’s in our backyard. So I hope it didn’t try to escape. Just because I don’t know, we did go out at like six this morning and fix the fence. Like because there were a few holes in it.

So i we went ahead and fixed it. So I just really hope that you know, she was not very, I don’t know, she’s very tiny. So unless she could squeeze through anything, but I’m just hoping that she did okay. Whenever I was home she like wasn’t trying to escape or anything. She was just sitting by the door with her water and her food and everything. So we’ll see. I don’t know why I’m Home Builder Amarillo TX worried. You know, dogs are made kind of to be honest. She’s an inside job, but she’s not fully potty trained. So that’s why she’s not allowed to be in our house when we’re gone. We kind of let her hang out whenever she is home. Well my sister is home but not really so much when no one told me now that’s just a little risky. Anyways, I still don’t oh my gosh, you know what sounds so good right now. carrots and ranch. That would really pretty pretty good right now.

Um, anyway, so I’m just going to kind of name some random things that I’m seeing and tell you what I think about them. So I see this black car and I think it’s super cute. It’s very clean. It rained a couple nights ago or actually I think it was Home Builder Amarillo TX last night. Yeah, it was last night. So everyone’s cars are kind of dirty. That’s what always seems to happen is you get a car wash, and then it seems to rain. It doesn’t not It does not matter how long you wait. And if it does not matter if you look at the forecast, there’s going to be rain when after you wash your car. So sometimes when there’s a drought, everyone goes and washes their cars. That way it’ll start raining just because that is how the Lord works sometimes. Okay. Also, let’s talk about sticker on the back of the cars. Okay, sometimes they are so inappropriate. But sometimes they are so funny. I have a sticker on the back of my car that just says Texas Tech. Nothing crazy. But there are some vulgar stickers out there. Have you ever noticed that? Like, honestly, honestly, honestly, they’re such vulgarities, and like it’ll be like stick figures, just doing inappropriate things and just a bunch of things, doing inappropriate things and like with inappropriate words and everything, and sometimes they’re just, I said, inappropriate. I’m next to a new car la like a dealership, and I really would not mind getting in the car.

I just got my car. So maybe I’m just but you know, my family is car and I’m super thankful. But like, I don’t know, I just kind of want to be able to be old enough to buy my own car. And I’m not yet that’s what’s so frustrating. It’s just the fact that I can’t buy a new car. It’s not that I really needed a new car or anything. It’s just that I just want to be able to be like financially stable enough to go out and get a car or like, get a house even or maybe even like a cheeseburger, I’d settle for a cheeseburger this week. Another pet peeve of mine is when cars like are trying to pass me and they won’t just freakin pass me like they get ride up on my rear end. And they just sit there and tail me. And it is so annoying. I’m like just come on and pass me or slow down. This is not going to make me speed up any. And that’s the thing this is awesome. that I don’t understand. Like at all! I don’t understand one single bit of it oh my goodness I’m like how is that going to make me want Home Builder Amarillo TX o go faster just makes me more mad and makes me want to go slower.

And like, especially when I’m going to speed limit I get if I’m going below the speed limit, but if I’m going the speed limit or even speeding just a little bit, you need to stop pushing your luck. You know what I’m saying? Like Don’t get mad at me because you’re running late. It is not my responsibility about your poor timing, you know, I’m saying but also I’ve been there where I’ve been running late and I’ve been telling people so I mean, I guess I can’t really complain too much because like I said, I have been there in fact, you know, it’s Home Builder Amarillo TX kind of gross dollar bills, okay, like it is just kind of gross. You don’t ever know where they’ve been. You’ll never know like where the person before you restoring and you don’t know because sometimes like I see some people storm in their bras and stuff and then I see them Hand it over the cash register. And I’m like, Man, that dollar bill is about to be traded around. Hold on one second. Okay, I’m back and I got my eyes I don’t really like cones that much but I forgot to share that with a lady and I forgot to tell her that I didn’t want to go into that I wanted any cut but it’s okay because it tastes fantastic. I’m gonna be right back. I’m gonna go upload these and I’ll get back to some more