or poster or like family photo, like a, like a what’s the word called were you like a photo gallery wall. Yeah, I think adding personality always makes everyone feel bigger and I guess something, something for people to look at. And so you know that would just be pretty cool. And so if you’re having an open house, maybe also you can like Home Builder Amarillo TX plant some more plants outside maybe if you have rose bushes like get those blooming and stuff and so yeah, so back to the front porch, you could redo that and I know that on our outside we have like a fire pit and everything and a big table that we all eat out sometimes. And it really just does add to the overall effect and it kind of sets the tone of being a home that is welcoming and inviting and that welcomes guests, you know, so if that’s kind of what you’re going for, I would recommend doing that.

Or you know, planting some flowers as I said before, because I can add some color if you don’t want to go as far as painting the entire house. The number one thing they can do is add color to the outside so you can add plants you can add some decorations, some chairs, like with beautiful cushions or something Home Builder Amarillo TX and I think that that would really help amp up the overall look I’m always giving some tips and she said that I can’t use soap on mine until I turned 20 until it turns 25 So, yeah, so obviously we need to use it for a really long time, but it can really help and like I’ve seen people do some like dump cakes in them. And Yeah, I just think that it’s pretty cool. And It’s a great investment and there’s so many different sizes so you can make so many different things. And so the stove keeps everything clean without me having until I actually do anything.

I still do clean them sometimes, but not very often. But when I do clean Home Builder Amarillo TX them I use the vinegar, water, salt and baking soda, baking soda and vinegar Do you have a chemical reaction, but that’s just kind of chemistry. But it’s still like going to be non toxic and everything. So don’t worry about that. I know earlier I said there was going to be a chemical reaction, but that’s why there are chemicals in there. So I guess it’s not like chemical free, but it’s like all natural. You know what I’m saying? So and you already have this stuff around your house so it could end up saving your money. I know that some of an cleaners, like the sprays can really cost you an arm and a leg. And so that’s just kind of unnecessary. Sometimes whenever you’re in your dishwasher and it starts to stink, you know this is one of the first things that you can try to do to prevent that and then they should also sanitize the outside. As well as all of your appliances. You know what I’m saying? Like every single family member is touching this and it kinda is getting gross and your dirty hands might be touching it and so you don’t ever know what’s happening there. So you do this like Home Builder Amarillo TX probably once a week is what I would do it like whenever you clean your kitchen, just go ahead and run some bleach on there. And but whenever using black appliances, if your dishwasher is black, you can use soap like dishwashing soap, like Don like to get grease and everything out of the off of it and then also can kill some cold and like other viruses or whatever just to make sure.

Yeah, so make sure also clean out from underneath the dishwasher that’s oftentimes forgotten about to like take a broom and just as hard as you can and this will really help your appliances last Home Builder Amarillo TX longer, tooAnd you can also join a lot more sports like coed kickball, or softball or whatever that’s super popular where I live and like even frisbee golf is pretty popular. So that may be something to consider also. And also, job availability is a way increased in big cities, obviously, because they are bigger. So definitely like if you are graduating high school and you are college or high school, you don’t have a job, you know, in your hometown, because it’s all filled up with your other classmates and everything, maybe go on to a bigger city. And see and you can really like open your eyes, it kind of like changes you in a way and kind of makes you mature because in small town, everyone knows everything about you. And so it’s kind of hard to move on past anything, because they’ve already like labeled you. But in a big city, no one knows anything. And it’s really easy to give yourself a fresh start. Okay, so you can like start at a new job and start a new place.

And it’s also like really easy to pick somewhere to live in a big town because there are so many Home Builder Amarillo TX options. And you can really compare and find out what you want, what you don’t want, and you can really find a good match for yourself. And so that’s a huge advantage, I think. It’s like the amount of apartments, the amount of homes. And also like the amount of friends that you’re going to make are so much more increased than a big city, I’ve made most of my friends outside of college outside of the town I grew up in because there’s just so many more people, you don’t have to hang out people because you grew up with them, you know, you can hang out with them because you actually want to hang out with them. Just eight more words and we will meet our quota!!