So let’s kind of talk also talk about the pros and cons of having a sectional. Okay. So, is it right for your living room, how to decide if you want this or several different pieces, or what’s going on so the pros is in homes with like large families, this Home Builder Amarillo TX is really going to give you a lot of space to spread out. And a lot of people like a lot of place people to sit in a traditional sofa. You can see like two or three people possibly four depending on the size but most of the time it averages around three people. And so, you know, maybe the sectional will just provide more seating for you. And also it’s super, super super super comfortable. That usually like great for relaxing and you can lay down and take a nap I know that I have taken my best naps on different sectionals okay and they are definitely made for being comfortable. They were made. Exactly. For that, you know, but the so that we can also talk about the cons Okay, so obviously one of the main things that is bad about it is Home Builder Amarillo TX like it’s difficult to rearrange because it’s so large and such like a bulky piece of furniture that it can really make rearranging that living room kind of hard.

Okay, so it is a big commitment, and if you’re like if you find yourself rearranging your furniture once every month or, you know, every so often like maybe it probably isn’t best because there’s not very many ways you can turn a sectional. And along with that it can be very frustrating trying to get this moving okay so whenever you are moving into a new home. You really need to pick where it’s going to go, and because it’s very difficult to move it might be very hard to get it into your home so if you were living in an apartment, Home Builder Amarillo TX I would say do not buy one yet just because Could you imagine getting that up and down the stairs or like in through an apartment door.

You know, I just think that that would be way more challenging than. Some people might expect it to be. And Home Builder Amarillo TX so I would just vote no on that just because of that reason and also before we need to get us actually into the side How big is your space, you know. So, but on the other hand of the apartment and you can’t really fit all these couches and stuff in there. So maybe, you know, is good because of the. How many people can say that’s a really good plus side of it. So also, you can’t really add like very many accent pieces if we’re going to do a section on just because you’re not gonna have a lot of room, I mean obviously depending on where you’re living in top of your living room is but most of the time people don’t have enough room to add very many accent pieces. So it’s all the same fabric so you’re not going to be able to have a bunch of personality but you can always add like throw pillows or throw blankets or like a poof, or like a stool somewhere in the rooms that might help as Home Builder Amarillo TX well, but most the time it’s going to be pretty uniform and color and in shape and size because obviously it is a sectional, and I mean yeah sectional and is like, you know, pretty crazy. And also, the sectional versus couch like cost wise is a little iffy because you can get super cheap sectionals you can get super expensive ones, or you can get super cheap couches and super expensive couches as well.

Like a leather couch can go for about the same price as a full fabric sectional you Home Builder Amarillo TX know it. So it just depends on what you’re wanting what color you wanting and everything that I really think that sectionals are really best for like families and entertaining places, just mostly due to the fact they are so big and they have so much seating area. But once again, if it’s just like you and your husband maybe like sofas if you don’t have people over every single night, and you really want to add some personality to your living room I really think that buying separate couches is good like buying two couches and maybe like a chair or like one couch and two chairs, you know, something like that because then you could add like a lot of personality to that and, but not going to rise as much seating so that really is something you take into consideration. And also, can we talk about microwaves they are so weird. Why can I, why can’t you microwave aluminum foil but you can bake it you know think I think that is because of like all of the radioactive waste and everything just because, stuff like that is Home like real but it just seems kind of weird to me like, you know, like why I don’t know like it can really burn down an entire house so why is it like so free, you know like, and you don’t even learn that until you’re like older so like how what’s going to stop a kid from popping something in the microwave.

Whenever my sister was younger, she for she was making ramen noodles in the kitchen and she forgot to put water in it and so our house like smells so terrible it just smell like something was like catching on fire and we went and looked in the microwave. And that ramen noodle package was like black, so honestly kind of makes you think what are ramen noodles made out of. I mean, does that happen with like regular noodles. I don’t know but that’d be kind of weird also one other time she got the noodles right out of the microwave and she had like it was super hot