A very popular kind of furniture that people often get is wooden furniture, whether it be the bedside table, the kitchen table, a Home Builder Amarillo TX side table, or even a headboard, or a dresser, It can be used for several different types of furniture around the house. And there’s different ways to take care of this wooden furniture. Some of it can be super old, and it may be passed on through generations, and some of it may just be brand new, but you’re going to want to treat these wooden furniture pieces with care and do certain things to protect them. So one of Home Builder Amarillo TX the main things that can happen from wooden furniture is, whenever you put a cup on it, it can cause a ring on it.

Okay, so you really just need like a coaster, whenever you’re setting down glasses or mugs that will kind of help prevent, or prevent the readings being formed on the tables. And then also, don’t put anything hot like super, super hot directly on them without protection. Okay, so like maybe, whenever you finish cooking, don’t put the pot of food right directly onto the table, put some pot holders down or something or like a placemat or tablecloth or something, Okay, And also prevent any spills. And if you do happen to spill, it’s not a big deal, just wipe it up as soon as you can. Because if the liquid like sinks into the wood, It can warp it up. And it can just cause some other problems later on. And then also, Also, you’re going to have to dust pretty often, because if the dust lays on the word too much, and it builds up too high, it can start like scratching it or Home Builder Amarillo TX whatever. And it can start. Yeah, just making it not look so great. And so whenever you wipe it up, he was like a soft t shirt, or like dusting thing, but dusting tool or something, but don’t maybe just use Don’t use straight up like hard paper towels or something that are super cheap.

And that can also scratch the wood. And then also, you’re going to want to just make sure to keep it super clean. So maybe dusting, you’re doing that pretty regularly, but you’re gonna have to like use an all purpose cleaner or Home Builder Amarillo TX wood cleaner to really clean it. And then after you clean it like you first get it, you’re going to want to protect it. So use like a Polish or spray to kind of help the oil on the top like be super shiny and be fantastic and kind of like a wax protect, it must also help to So and then some stains might be on the wood such as those rings from the white glasses or dark spots from water damage or other stuff like that. And there’s a lot of different ways to fix it. So for the white rings from the glasses or whatever, you might want to make some toothpaste and baking soda and like rub it in until the stain is gone. And that will really help get rid of that rain. And then for the dark spots from the water damage, you might mix water with vinegar and kind of like just blot that on there.

And that will also help that go away. And these are just kind of some wise tools I’ve learned over the years. And Yeah, so if you have kids, make sure that you have coasters down or you have some kind of protective layer over the table or the coffee tables and stuff like that. And then Also, you’re going to really want to kind of like, fix it as it comes. So you might have some minor ticks, or scratches or like some other stuff like that, that you might have not seen before. And one of the ways you can do is like ricotta or whatever. And like wax it with some polish and stuff. And it could really bring it back to its natural beauty and stuff that it was like before it got hurt like that and or like it’s super old, you might have to, you know, re fix it. And Yeah, so it’s just a lot of different things. Like if you got it Home Builder Amarillo TX from a garage sale, and you want to revamp its beauty. Try that. And a lot of different ways that you can use wooden furniture around the house on various and it doesn’t have to be a wouldn’t color, you can paint them. And you got a lot of different colors, you can put a bunch of finishes on it or some cloth so you can put a matte finish on if you really wanted to.

But yeah, so most of the time that wouldn’t it is pretty shiny, and stuff because of the oils on there and the wax. So Yeah, whenever you do actually just make sure that like nothing is touching it and everything. So if you’re older piece that you got is made from a garage sale, and it may be smells terrible. Like maybe it was from a house of a smoker or something, you can always add stuff to freshen up the smell that will not run the wood such as like baking soda, or charcoal or something like that. Okay. And, yeah, so it’s what kind of makes the word smell come back and be bearable or whatever. So there are a lot of different ways to take care of it. And so another really common item in the household that uses wooden dole or like wooden furniture is the bedside table. So This is I’m sorry, The TV stead the entertainment center is what I meant to say. And yeah, so it can be used pretty often. So it’s really important that like you get all those picture frames or knickknacks or whatever you have on those shelves out of there and dust them off, dust the items off and dust the shelves and then you know use it with all purpose Home Builder Amarillo TX cleaner at least once a week and dust a few times a week if you can.