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Fall is a fantastic time to be able to enjoy a new custom home. The weather is absolutely wonderful. Just nice and crisp air and all of the decorations that you get to put in your home for fall, pumpkin spice everything. Fall is just fantastic time to enjoy a new home as a custom Home Builder Amarillo TX Chaney Construction knows that you want to enjoy all of the seasons and your new home. With Christmas fast approaching upon us. We know how wonderful Christmas time is. And to be able to have a new home to enjoy all of your family and is absolutely the perfect gift that you could give yourself. Those holiday seasons are a fantastic time. It’s all about family and food and fellowship and really creating memories. And as a Home Builder Amarillo TX we know that all of these things are so very important family and faith and fun and all of those things.

It’s It’s a fantastic time for you to really enjoy a new home. One of the things that we as a family really enjoy is all of our Sunday night evening meals. So we are a busy family. And we are scattered all different directions throughout the week with five teenagers and one adult child and grandson. And we as a Home Builder Amarillo TX really just have busy schedules. And for us to come together on a Sunday night, every single Sunday night and enjoy family time and enjoy a delicious meal every Sunday. That is something that is truly important tasks be even bought over our grandmother. And so every Sunday night we feed 10 people. And so that’s a great time for us to reconnect before the week start and just enjoy some time together. And so you know, we have a large long table and our dining room. And that just really our place where the magic happens, that reconnecting of the family just spending some time together hearing about each other’s weekends and hearing about each other’s previous week. And the things that they have coming up gathering around the dinner table and discussing football, football on TV, football, college football, NFL football, but more so is high school football. And we really just have the chance to sit around and have those conversations and that right there, that reconnection is absolutely important to us. And we feel at Genie construction that it’s important to most families. And so we want to know about what special times happen in your Is it an every night meal is it I want to be meal is it once a quarter and meal or once a season.

And we want to know about those special times you’re we want to know about your special times in your in your home. And so those things can really help us kind of get an idea of what your family is all about. And maybe you have football settings and you have big football parties at your home and people are gathered around the TV. We love football in the fall like this all is a fantastic time for family and fellowship and food again, so we know that those things are important. And maybe you like to have cookouts or maybe enjoy some for CRISPR night and the hair around a fire pit. roasting marshmallows, making s’mores with the family. Maybe those are things that are important to you. And if they are we as a Home Builder Amarillo TX want to know about those we want to hear about those things that are most important to you and your family.

We want to incorporate those into your dream building process. All of these things you know, you get a once in a chain sometimes you get a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a house we want to make sure that it’s absolutely the most perfect home you could have ever imagined. We don’t want to give you what you don’t walk or what you wish you we don’t want you walking away from this wishing that you’ve done something different. We want to know about all these things. We as a Home Builder Amarillo TX want to take these things in consideration now’s the time to get that dead. And so we really a genie construction value these things ourselves and our own hub.

It’s we know that we want to value them in your home as well. A lot of our clients will tell you that we really see the overall picture the big picture the family picture, the things that are important picture, we want to make sure that those are things that we really and over deliver on through you as well every single time that we guarantee that we want to over deliver on that charges. Our promise to ourselves our promise to our homeowners each and every time is going to be just as special for that specific homeowner and that specific have a nurse family as the next and so not everyone is the same but we want to make sure that we treat everyone is individual as they are with their custom home built and so that’s something that we really strive for each and every time. So make sure you check out our website take a look at the different photos that projects that we have done. And make sure you take a look at our testimonials. Make sure you watch the About Us video really find out who we are as a Home Builder Amarillo TX and find out who our family is you read read our story. We love sharing our story about how things got started and where what direction we’re headed in. We love sharing our family moments with you and as well as we love sharing your family moments with you as well. So make sure that you call us and get an appointment scheduled today so we could start your whole building process and enjoy the fall together and fall close family and our house and so really take time to enjoy your family. Make them a priority love on them and have fun