So, one of the last things we’re going to talk Home Builder Amarillo TX about today is just going to be a combination of things and I’m just going to combine these things so let’s go ahead and talk about chocolate chip cookies. I don’t really know why but I when I moved to Abilene, like I used to be a really really good cut and then now I’m just not, I don’t know like whenever I try to bake things it just does not turn out the way that it should. I don’t know if I’m like trying to do too many different recipes or whatever, whatever I’m doing I’m not sure but we’re going to kind of talking about chocolate chip cookies because that has been my biggest struggle. Okay, so I love them so much too so it’s really hard.

You know, but basically chocolate chip cookies are actually really easy and before this streak that I was on it really wasn’t that bad so I’m not going to go over like exact amounts just because I don’t. Obviously freakin know apparently but, yeah, so you’re going to first a bit, you’re going to be using the oven and you’re going to preheat it at 350 degrees, so you need two sticks. You’re gonna need two sticks of butter and they’re going to need to be softened okay so this is like a big part. Don’t get them to melted don’t get them too hard, you have to soften us and maybe I would set them out the night before you’re going to bake or whatever on the counter it needs to be kind of Home Builder Amarillo TX warm temperature, room temperature. They need sugar, brown sugar, eggs vanilla extract. Sugar seesaw or like regular salt, baking powder, powder, baking soda and then obviously the chocolate chips.

So preheat the oven to 350, and then mix together the butter, sugar, eggs vanilla salt, Home Builder Amarillo TX baking powder and baking soda with an electric mixer I like to let it be for about like five minutes just to make sure and then after that you’re going to slowly stir in the flour maybe like i half a cup at a time because you’re going to have about two and a half to three cups, depending on how dense you want them. Some people even go as much as three and a half cups. So that just kind of depends anyway so you’re going to go in like a half a cup at a time or a quarter of a cup, because you really just want it to be really mixed in there good and then you’re going to do the chocolate chips next after that. So then you’re just going to keep on. You can turn off the electric mixer and then stir that with a spoon after the flowers I’ll combine your string in the chocolate chips. Okay, so then you’re going to shape the dough into the golf ball size with your hands, or you can use like a cookie scooper they have them they’re kind of like little mini ice cream skewers and they’re actually pretty cool. So you can also do that.

And then you’re going to kind of put them, you’re going to spray a cookie sheet cover it with like parchment paper or aluminum foil whichever one you want. And I like to do it like a couple inches apart and kind of drop on there as many as you can fit really just don’t put them too close to each other because they are going to grow whenever they bake and then Home Builder Amarillo TX bake them for nine minutes. a lot of them will say, like, an extra minute or two if you want it more solid but nine minutes is really good. And so if you want to rotate the racks halfway through that will that will keep them cooking evenly throughout. So that’s a good little tip. And then, so the cookies do continue cooking, or baking when they are on the pan and the cooling process, so do not freak out if they do not look all the way down because you want them to be soft and crunchy around the edges but soft in the middle. Okay, so. Yeah, so it’d be about nine minutes. Home Builder Amarillo TX Okay.

So, and also all I’m going to take differently is you’re going to want to remember that. Okay. and then you can also add in my other substitutes if you wanted to you could do. Milk Chocolate Chip so dark chocolate you can do white chocolate macadamia nuts, almonds, walnuts Bardelli white chocolate or dark chocolate or really just whatever you wanted to do. And there’s just so many different recipes and that’s why I think that’s the one of the main reasons that I mess up is because I don’t know because there’s so many different ways and there’s so many different Home Builder Amarillo TX times, and to cook it and there’s just so many different recipes and so many different ovens I cook differently and so it doesn’t really do mess up sometimes but it’ll be fine. I’m going to talk for about 20 minutes on here and then I think that’s that will be good amount of time to get done with everything. Okay, so let’s go talk about something else. Let’s talk about picking a bed set Okay.

Hold on one second. So also the bed set that you pick will also depend on, like the overall theme of your room. Okay, so, and also what color your furniture is. Okay. So there are some things that you really need to take into consideration first of all you need to figure out what your, what your budget is if you’re, especially if you’re picking any mattress if you’re just picking night sheets and everything. That’s not as big of a deal but right now we’re going to be talking about like the mattresses and everything. Five more words and we are fantastic