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Chaney construction is Home Builder Amarillo TX number one custom home builder we are the most highest and rated and reviewed home builder in the Texas Panhandle today I wanted to talk to you about flooring and your custom home built there are many different types of flooring that you should consider whenever you are getting ready to build your new home and so this is the traditional carpet and is always a favorite personally and we feel that carpet belongs in the bedroom or maybe the living room but definitely carpet is a huge no-no am in the bathrooms dining room and obviously the kitchen.

The kitchen is highly not recommended so there are other options for all areas one of the newest products on the market is luxury vinyl plank‘s so if you think of laminated flooring or she final flooring this is not it and this is the most durable product on the market it’s been around for quite a while but it’s just now becoming a huge deal in and the Amarillo market you will see it and lots of Home Builder Amarillo TX and putting that in their home and it’s definitely one of our best at used products we like to use that a lot at home we even have it in our own personal hell we have at five children for boys and it so every time that their friends are over we have a ton of kids in our home and it with the kids checking in and out all those boys coming in and out and they definitely put some wear and tear on it but it still looks brand new just like the day we had it laid him in so that’s a luxury vinyl planks or LVP for short and it comes in a wide variety of colors you can get it swear it looks like distressed wood old farmhouse style like something you know authentic you can get it in just about any color that you can imagine you can also and make different designs and a cat with a company called Karndean and they’ve been around since the 70s the only mate luxury vinyl plank and so is of super fantastic and durable product so as a Home Builder Amarillo TX we highly recommend that you use luxury vinyl plank.

Especially in areas where you might have water accident so if you’ve ever had a washing machine that the hose disconnected and you’ve got water everywhere I am or if you’ve ever had a dishwasher that leads on you these luxury vinyl plank‘s or glue down directly to your slab foundation so that keep that water from getting up underneath that flooring and ruining it obviously carpet is an epic you know there’s tons of different brands out there we definitely recommend a Shaw or a mohawk or one of the reputable companies for your carpet we recommend that you also get a good padding to go underneath it and the reason the padding underneath it is so important is because you should get your carpets cleaned regularly and if you have a good quality pad underneath that that is not going to absorb the nasty spills and messes pet stains pet urine things of that nature he’s got a good quality carpet out water proof Then all that’s going to do is allow that to sit on top of that carpet padding so when you have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis it will just pull that right out when it pulls allowed along with the carpet the carpet padding does not absorb that spill or pet urine then all that’s going to do is allow that to sit on top of that carpet padding so when you have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis it will just pull that right out when it pulls aloud along with the carpet.

The carpet padding does not absorb that spill or pet urine whatever the case maybe there are thousands of options to choose from when it comes to tile a real big trend right now is wood look tile so that tile that looks just like wood flooring and you can get that in different textures to where you can actually feel the grain of that would cause it to Boston on those tiles I’m in so that’s another great feature that we as Home Builder Amarillo TX really feel is a huge feature that you can add to a room if you’re home or the entire home speaking of tile when it comes to tile for kitchen backsplash as we have done hundreds of different kitchen backsplash is for all kinds of custom homes and so we do always are go to was always a great classic subway tile subway tile is a timeless at the look that’s not going to be dated in a couple of years and we think that simple is fantastic if you do you want to get a little bit funky we recommend doing like a deco piece behind your kitchen range I’m so that would be like a designer looks something that was designed with me mosaic or different direction laid of the same tile to be done I hate.

So we’ve done a herringbone Directional lay behind a kitchen range before and framed that in with some bull nose pieces that separated it from the straight lane and subway tile that we had done it so the exact same tile just switched around a little bit behind the range not really added a nice crisp classic look to a kitchen also if you do a simpler deco you can pair that nicely with a wild and crazy exotic granite granite that has a lot of movement in it a lot of colors so that we does it take away from the appeal of the granite countertops if you went with a more simple granite look then you could definitely pair that with a more funky and meet backsplash and tile for that so maybe so maybe a glass mosaic or multi colors are different types of shapes and I’m hexagon all Eno multi colored backsplash things of that nature

When it comes to tile and showers as a Home Builder Amarillo TX think that doing a larger tile than you would do you like on the floor tile looks best to gives the most appeal because showers typically are wider and go up tolerances visually that gives a great aesthetic feel when those towels are of larger size see you could definitely read what we call a deco strip around the perimeter so it would just go up so far I am and just be one simple thin strip that adds some uniqueness to kind of break up that continuous flow of your wall tile on the floor you would want to do a smaller mosaic top type of tile and the reason for that is because those smaller mosaics are easier to lay on a slope so if you’ve got so if you think about how water is going to drain out of that shower.

You would realize that if it straight o’clock cross and The water is not going to go anywhere it’s just gonna lay right there on the surface so that drain everything house to sleep to that dream so with the mosaic tile that gives the tile layer some movement and mobility to get that drain slow to where all the water will come out of that shower do you definitely want to use a smaller mosaic type a towel on the floor there’s mosaics come in 12 x 12 sheets typically and so you’ve got that mosaic pattern that repeats continuously through the entire bottom of that shower

A super fantastic feature we as a Home Builder Amarillo TX add to your bathroom floors is heated floors so you take the heat cables and you run that in through the thin set and then M membrane and then you hook that to a thermostat you later towel on top of it and you can have warm floors year around this is suitable for pier and beam and Slabtown Dacians so for pier and beam and you would definitely want to use the proper systems underneath the tile to keep that from cracking but if you’ve ever lived in a peer and beam home when you had tile in the bathroom you know that during the wintertime it’s very cold so heated floors in the bathrooms especially in a peer and beam home definitely the way to go when it comes to tile