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Furniture is something that we would like for you to talk to us as a Home Builder Amarillo TX in the beginning stages of your home building we want to know do you plan to use your old furniture if so we would like to know what the dimensions of that furniture is why you love that furniture is there a furniture piece to be taken with you that is an antique or a family heirloom that you want to showcase in your home if so we want to make sure we incorporate all of those pieces rightfully so if you plan on buying new furniture for your new custom home then we would like to know about that also so we want to be able to have the opportunity to make sure that we fit that furniture in your home there is nothing worse than buying furniture and nothing really fits in the space and you get very frustrated so why not know what furniture we are the best Home Builder Amarillo TX for the job because of this.

These are things that most home builders do not even have a discussion with you about. We do not understand why home builders do not think that these things are important except that they just see you as dollar signs and we at Chaney Construction see you as a person that we want to be happy for many years to come and that means more to us than money.

We like to work with you on the little things so that you not unhappy about them. Little things can turn into big frustrations and big regrets if you do not stop and think about these things in the beginning.

We like to know what we are going to put in there before we build the house so it is kind a like building the home around your furniture so that way there is not any fresh rations when you get moved into your home and things just do not fit the way that you first saw them to fit there is nothing more frustrating than that so if we build an awkward room and that you have no way of being able to stage with furniture that is going to be very frustrating and is a Home Builder Amarillo TX frustrations or something we do not like to have the client hat so we want to take a look at that also what colors are your furniture that makes a huge difference when picking flooring and picking paint colors and picking up all colors and different things of that nature do you want to do your wallpaper we want to make sure that accents your furniture colors ethmoid maybe one of your furniture pieces is kind of a wild color like a turquoise We could do a accent color on another part of the home to be able to tie all of those colors in together so that something that we as a Home Builder Amarillo TX really enjoy working with the homeowner on and making sure that we are looking into the future what items are going into the home let us make sure that we get that right the first time.

So that way there is not any fresh rations later on down the road when the customer is moving into the home so that is something that we really take into consideration another thing is is if you entertain a lot and you are going to need a long dining table and a formal dining area we want to make sure that there is adequate space in that room for chairs to be moved out leaves to be opened up and everyone has enough walk space around the room The thing that we as a Home Builder Amarillo TX like to take into consideration when it comes to furniture is lady so if you have that long dining table we want to make sure that we have a sufficient chandelier or more than one chandelier properly wired over the space for that table is going to go so those are things that you need to think about before we start building your home what size the table where do you want your couch where do you want your recliners things of that nature you do not want to pack a LED trim.

directly over a recliner were you like to take a nap on Sunday afternoon because that can be right in your eyes and so was a Home Builder Amarillo TX went to take all those things to consideration if you like to read with the lamp in the middle of the room they want to make sure that we have wiring sufficient for that in the floors to wear a lamp can be placed without having to run a cord across the room these are all things that need to be Taken into consideration if you like to have a lamp on your nightstand by your master bedroom we want to make sure that we were sufficient plugs on each side of the master bed to where there is a layup and an alarm clock and whatever else it is that you might need to plug-in we like to talk about all of these things these things are important to you therefore they are important to us getting it right the first time is a very big deal for us as a Home Builder Amarillo TX So you are going to want to call us today at 806-688-9215 to schedule an appointment to meet with us and you will know that you are in good hands. You can also go to our website at the top of www.chaneyconstructiontx.com and you can click on the button that says Schedule an appointment and fill out the form and someone will be calling you or emailing you back so we can get started on this for you today. Let us take the frustration out of the work for you. Make sure you love your home today.