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starting your dream here in the Texas Panhandle is a fantastic idea so much growth is taking place in Amarillo, Texas there are new housing additions popping up everywhere. The city of Amarillo is expanding out past the city limits. So many new businesses are coming in of all different types of industries. Home Builder Amarillo TX Lots of commercial retail lots of commercial offices are coming in and lots of restaurants and hotels and Amarillo is really becoming the hub of the Texas Panhandle and really attracting so many people from all over to come into this great city and we see a lot of growth in Pampa Texas as well so in Pampa we have got a new industries coming in every single day, lots of new commercial real estate and that is being revived and new industries and new businesses that have never been to pamper before are all starting to come in pamper has always been directly related to oil and gas industry.

But right now, we are really starting to diversify our portfolio of the things that and create new jobs in our city. And that is a fantastic place to be at was so many new jobs coming in. And it is absolutely achievable for lots of people to be able to build their dreams. And as a Home Builder Amarillo TX we feel that it is very important for you to have a piece of that growth. So whether you are just starting your family out, or whether you are growing your family or whether you are at the end of your family, this these are all exciting times for everyone. And as a Home Builder Amarillo TX we feel like a new home for new transition and you are alive is absolutely the way to go. And, you know, renting when you are fresh out of high school, or freshly married. Those are all great things. But it is still the American dream to own and especially the American Dream nowadays to build your own custom home right here in the Texas Panhandle. It is not more exciting time that I can think of them right now.

Here in the Texas Panhandle. We have got so much agriculture of what’s going on. And it is what really makes us unique to this area is so this area. So you need with all the agriculture as well as all the industry. We have got oil and gas, you have got industrial manufacturers, we have got tons of different types of industry car dealerships, tons of restaurants are going in all over the Texas Panhandle, home grown restaurants, as well as chain restaurants. And so right now everybody’s really trying to diversify, Amarillo and new housing additions are going up every single day, which is making Emeril a very exciting place to be. And we really, really are excited about the growth and what we see coming down the pipeline and we so many new businesses coming into Amarillo, we know that that directly means that the housing industry goes up as well. And so yes, we have got some crazy tariffs going on in the world right now. And material tariffs are really starting to skyrocket causing the price of materials to go up.

But guess why it has not slowed down the the building industry as general contractors as a Home Builder Amarillo TX we are still seeing growth at a rapid rate. Even with the price of materials going up on a daily basis we have not seen things slow down like we had originally been afraid would happen. It makes no difference with the prices because people are still in full swing building and remodeling. People are excited to get a new home. So right now is the time to act and act fast interest rates are mortgage loans are starting to go up right now. As well as, and we hope that that means that a promising future for the investment rate as well I am so usually when interest rates go up on mortgages, so do the investment rates on savings and different types of financial planning type of things.

So we are really excited. And so right now is the time to act fast because of the economy and so why should anyone wait. And to get started on building your custom home. And you are, you know, could not be in a better time with so many jobs. And the economy is really on the upswing turn when it comes to jobs. And we are just so excited about all of the growth and all of our economies, and so all throughout the Texas Panhandle. And so right now really is the time to get started on building your custom home. That is why as a Home Builder Amarillo TX we really want you to give us a call, check out our website at www. dot cheney construction tx.com and fill out the web form where it says schedule an appointment, click that button and fill out that web form. And a member of our team will be getting back to you very soon. And so you can start your dream building process. You can also take a look at our testimonials page and see what other people are saying about us. We truly are the best Home Builder Amarillo TX and our clients will be the ones to tell you firsthand and give us a call at 806-688-9215 and schedule an appointment with us today and we would be happy to serve you in in Amarillo, Texas and anywhere in the Texas Panhandle. We can meet with you soon and get started on building your dreams because we are just as excited about your dreams as you are. We are in the business of making