So as live comes and goes and everything changes. You might need to ask yourself is my house big enough. Is it too small. Is it is it fitting what I need it to fit is it. Are my living headquarters. You know appropriate for what’s going on Home Builder Amarillo TX in my life at the time. So the first thing that you need to kind of really take into consideration is you need to like just assess your space you need to assess what all your space has what all your space doesn’t have. And then you need to assess your needs you know what do you need in a home. What do you need certain amount of bedrooms certain amount of bathrooms, do you need extra space storage Do you need it to be less you need to have less maintenance, less bedrooms, you know, are you do you have 14 Guest bedrooms, but only ever have one guest you know these are things that you can take into consideration. And so here we’re going to be talking about when it’s time to upgrade or upsized.

So the Home Builder Amarillo TX main thing that you need to assess when deciding to upside is are you needs being met, because if they are not, but they could be. You need to probably upsized if you are starting in a new family but you’re living in a one bedroom apartment, it’s probably time to upsize. But I mean it’s just up to every single family and what they’re willing to live with a live without so it really honestly up to the family, so that’s why it takes a lot of different questions to ask yourself. So after you assess your space, figure out like if you wanted to buy an account, would you have enough space for if you wanted to buy new, a new table would you have enough space for me to see if you’re cramped up and Home Builder Amarillo TX where you are or if you have enough room to grow. So another thing that you need to decide is like what major factors in your life are changing.

Are you are you taking in, you know, family members, are you making new family members are you pregnant. Are you pregnant with five babies that would be neat horn up sighs. So it’s also important to take into consideration the cost. So you need to decide if what you’re paying now in your smaller home is as much as you can pay because if the bigger the home, the bigger the bill is basically what it comes down to is when you decide what you can afford. And what you need what you don’t need he needs to honestly assess your needs Home Builder Amarillo TX as well as your space, so you need to assess whether or not you are having enough bedrooms have enough bathrooms, and anything that people really focus on where they are obsessing is number of bedrooms and bathrooms, of course, but as well as the amount of kitchen space for some reason that is a huge impact on whether or not to upgrade or to downgrade because some people don’t ever cook so they don’t really need a kitchen they have sometimes use their evidence storage until those people might not need a huge kitchen, but they might want an extra bedroom so they might want an extra room for a pool table. So these are all things that could go into play, whenever it comes to deciding.

However, if you are wants people who cook on every single night, and who really distress in the kitchen, you might want to upgrade to a bigger kitchen. I know that in my kitchen you can barely turn around without bumping into the next person so I have to remain so we can’t all be in the kitchen at the same time. So you really have to plan that out. So I know that whenever I have my dream all I’m definitely going to be having a large kitchen. Just because that’s where a lot of memories are made. At least like in my family. I know that every family is different though, so I just have to you know that’s why you know honestly there’s no right or wrong answer. You know, you need to upgrade or you know you need to downsize. And you know what you can afford it you know what you Home Builder Amarillo TX need. So you might also add some cool rooms. Maybe you want some forums, such as like a movie theater a pool came through, you know, these are all different options. However, you need to really assess whether or not you need them.

I know that no one needs a pool table no one needs a pool. But if you can afford them and you want them to go for it. Go ahead and upgrade to that. And if you don’t, then don’t. You need to really take it, you really take into consideration the amount of money you have, the amount of money you can save what you need what your family needs. Because if it’s too, you know, elderly people they might not need a house with 15 bedrooms and 14 pool tables, you know, they just might not need that and they might not have time to maintenance all of this. So, this is just something to take into consideration, whether or not you think it’s time to upgrade upsize, As we said before one of the main reasons is due to bedroom shortage and starting a new family so it’s very common tub size, whenever you are starting a new phase in your life. So yeah. So give us a call at 8066692437 and Jimmy and the boys can Home Builder Amarillo TX give you a quote and draw out some sketches to show you what your ideas look like on paper.