Okay. And then also another cool thing is like playing with texture, it’s super easy to overlook or decorating a living room. Other than like a bedroom or a bathroom. But it’s still super important to give it like the cozy appeal. So do like plush pillows that you want to touch. But then like maybe do like leather somewhere else or like, you know, like oval Home Builder Amarillo TX like a cool carpet. You know? So, yeah. And then also maybe you want to work in some wood somewhere and elevate and grow because would honestly gives like a sense of warmth and welcoming to living here. And there are so many ways to do this, like paneling, stalls, picture frames, legs, two legs to like sofas, our chairs, you know, likei maybe just like some are on shelves or on the coffee table or something. Yeah.

And then another one that you can also tie it was it kind of really takes practice to get this right is like mixing different types of real question. So you could do like fabric chairs with other sofas or vice versa. Do you just want the materials to contrast sometimes, but this can go away right or away wrong. So maybe like if you’ve never done it before, get an opinion, get some help before you just like jump right in, because those are kind of big purchases. And they’re a big commitment. And so you really just want to make sure you’re doing it right. And then also, you’re going to want to choose fabrics that are practical. So they need to be like comfortable yet durable, especially if you have kids, you know I’m saying because like they might spill stuff for like group stuff or something like that. So get like a milestone five bricks. We’re like a dark fabric. Not too dark. Yeah, but leathers pretty good because of like stuff can be Home Builder Amarillo TX wiped off with it. But it’s also more likely to get scratch.

So if you have animals maybe watch out for that. Yeah, I don’t know, it was kind of stuff that you really need to take into consideration. And then like add those pops of colors, maybe in the art maybe in the couch and the chairs, in the pillows, you know, in the decorations, you need to just add something. And then along with the rug we talked about earlier how it can add texture, it can also add patterns in a pop of color throughout the living room as well. So maybe, you know look at rugs if you don’t want to like paint the walls a certain color check out that. And then also do you need to pick furniture Home Builder Amarillo TX that is movable, because you’re going to want to probably rearrange a few times. But get like those stalls or those poops or the chairs and tables that are movable. That way you can have like, extra space if you needed. Like a lot of people are coming over and stuff like that. Yeah, it’s super important. And then like also, no matter how big your living room is, you’re gonna have to have space for people.

So like yeah, you kind of just need to be aware like how big your thing how big your living room is, and don’t buy like a 10 foot sectional for an eight foot living room. You know, because it’s just going to cause problems. I don’t want you to have to waste your money, you know, but it might not fit in there. So really just be aware of your space and how you’re using it and just be smart with it. And it should be fine in the long run. It just really like take things into consideration and try your best to just like really be smart about your purchases We talked a lot about like decorating small spaces and the challenges that comes with that but we haven’t really talked about like whenever there’s a huge blank wall and you really don’t know what to do with it. And you don’t really want to like put something small on it because it’s just going to kind of make the small right the wall seem really small and the room seemed really small. So one of the ways that you can really add to it is like with greenery like in the corner and something. So, yeah, and if you like scale it next to a super large piece of wall art, it will have like a huge impact on it first of all it’s going to bring your eye Home Builder Amarillo TX to it, it’s going to be like impossible not to look at it. And then also, it’s just going to add like a bunch of color, and dimension to the room, and then another thing that you could do is like doing a cabinet I know that in my living room we have like a huge other I really remember the word but we call it like the Great Wall of China, and it’s like humongous and it holds all of our fine china and stuff.

Anyways it like takes up the whole wall and so that’s what we put there and so you could always do those things. Yeah and like chop it with something cool and like put good stuff inside of it and everything. And Home Builder Amarillo TX then I think what you could do is like complimentary words and stuff like artworks. Just like correspond them with the artwork throughout the house, and it will be kind of cute. And then you could also like get all of like a bunch of random art pieces and then if you wanted to tie them all together in your living room you could do like a gold theme around them, like in the frame or stuff like that like depends on your team of course but like definitely a photo gallery was also Home Builder Amarillo TX like a super good idea.