not making it too fancy you need to find a mixture, where it can be held for formal things but also can, you know, be a place that the kids can play. Don’t make it too fancy to where you can even sit in it. If you only have one living room just take into consideration, and we will be more than happy to help you figure out how to design a functional Home Builder Amarillo TX and fancy living or metal yo at the low low price. But anyways, some people do. And if you have white furniture, chances are they’re not going to listen a few times and they’re going to get on that furniture so you really need to get like a cover to go over the furniture or something to kind of protect it.

And also my dog used to like like to to up the border on like the bottom of the walls or whatever. And and it was just got to be a mess and so I had to pay to replace that. So kind of be prepared to have to pay to fix some of the things that they mess up. And but getting a dog can be so fantastic. You just need Home Builder Amarillo TX to really be aware of the inevitable side effects of getting a dog So yeah Or like maybe you just text them, honestly, because I don’t know like if they’re if you have to work during the day, and they’re just at home, they might want to go do something but they might not know what there is to do. So you maybe could just send them a few links. And this is just like honestly turning into how to be a good host but they kind of go hand in hand. Also like as well as in the bedroom. You’re going to want them to have closet space. They’re gonna want to have to hang up some fancy clothes maybe or Yeah, but you’re also gonna want to put in like in the bathroom. You’re gonna want to have extra hand towels, linens, maybe toothpaste. Also, you’re gonna want to have a lot of toilet paper because it’s Home Builder Amarillo TX so embarrassing to have to ask for toilet paper when you’re staying at people’s houses. So this is just a way that you can avoid that. So I know that certain plants would grow better down in Beaumont than they would in Amarillo, Texas.

And Beaumont, my friend had a palm tree and that would never last up here in the panhandle. So when they move back, they just had to keep their palm tree down there. You know. And so when you drive down there, you see all these beautiful trees along the side of the roads. And it makes it very confusing when you’re getting place to place but it’s Home Builder Amarillo TX so beautiful. And it’s because of all the moisture out there. And Here we just don’t have that it’s just like dry land a flatland kind of like a windmill farm honestly. So Yeah, gardening can really just add something to your house and add something to your table and add something to your decorations that you just might not get anywhere else. And so I would take advantage of the amount of water we have, even though it’s not a lot. We do have enough to have a pretty good garden and honestly I love eating a tomato first thing in the morning fresh out of the garden. And it’s always fun to try to grow peppers and see people eat them at family gatherings. That’s a lot of fun. And it’s just kind of something that can build closer to I love helping my mom in the garden sometimes I love sleeping in. But you know, it’s just something for us to do together.

And she teaches me a lot I learned a lot from her. And Yeah, so we love it. So Yeah So, and they’re also like the least expensive, and they’re super easy to install, you just put it up against the wall and plug it in. And so like these are maybe best for apartments that you can, but don’t come with a fireplace. And so this would be like a good alternative for people who are really really wanting that. And then so the cons like obviously the fire space you’re plugging into a wall. So as that. So since you are paid into the wall. They will not work if the power to go out. So, yeah. So since it is using electricity. The electricity bills going to be higher so that is just something else to take into consideration. So yeah, I hope this helps and call the team at Jimmy and Jeannie and her action and Chaney construction, and we will be able to help you out hopefully. And it’s just beautiful. Because you might not be able to change the lighting inside of the apartment Home Builder Amarillo TX necessarily or the rental.

But I mean if you can maybe buy light bulbs that have a higher wanted that kind of shine brighter and apply into the morning, but it’ll definitely be worth it worth the overall look and appeal. And So yeah, So The main thing about decorating is that you need to do it, Home Builder Amarillo TX okay. It’s kind of gets sad and boring. If you just don’t decorate your apartment at all, and all you do there is sleep or not even just your apartment, your rentals well, but also need to keep in mind that whatever you do to decorate has to be temporary most of the time. And so my shirt is just check with whoever you’re renting from and yeah, so Okay, so you can also, I think that the main thing is also you maybe like some plants or something but I think the main, main problem is adding like some sort of personality and color or runner or plant or paint