So here I am and also I’m excited to go to a concert on Friday. I’m going with Jackson and Shay and some other friends. And yeah, so I think it’ll be exciting. We want to get there kind of early. So they can be on the front row. So we can see my beautiful baby Parker and because I love him, and he loves me and we are in love, and Home Builder Amarillo TX we’re probably going to get married. I don’t want to jinx anything, but yeah, probably going to get married because he loves me and I love him. Anyway, sometimes I always like think about, you know, my, my dream wedding, but the older I get, the more I realized that, you know, that’s expensive and so.

So, um, you know, that might not happen, but it’s okay. And also, I don’t know, I think that when I do get Home Builder Amarillo TX married, I kind of want a big one. But like, I also have a big family. So I mean, it’s kind of inevitable. I have like three different families. I have my dad’s my mom’s and my adopted So Mike Pena, Mike. So I’m so grateful for all of them and You know, but it’s inevitable that I’m going to have a big get togethers. Where is my life because there’s so many. When I have children, my kids are going to have so many Christmases. It’s gonna be crazy, but it’s gonna be fun. It will be funi I went to a baseball game the other day and it was like in minor league baseball and it was super fun because I’d never been to one I’ve only been to like high school baseball games. And this was so much better, so much more organized and so much more fun.

It was super entertaining too. And there were just a ton of people. Yeah, like on Friday nights, it’s called Friday night fireworks and they do fireworks after the show. And they had this firework show this last weekend and it was like Woodstock theme. Oh my god. Here comes Okay, sorry. Hey Mike, what’s up? What are you gonna go do? Okay, anyways um Yeah, the fireworks are super cool. It’s super fun. And they went on for a long time we did like Home Builder Amarillo TX the Star Spangled Banner. with fireworks. It was crazy. But like you could really tell what they were playing. And so yeah, I just thought it was pretty cool. Anyways, I would definitely go back. And I don’t know how much it was because I went with the church, but I don’t feel like it was like super expensive. I think that there are like different levels of like ticket prices, because there’s like this little place where people sat and brought their blankets, which was like on a hill next to the thing. And I would totally do that. It was like behind second base. And yeah, so I would totally do that. Because if you have that like outfield balls going over there, and so But the way the place that we were sitting which is like kind of by third base it has like a little net in front of it so that wouldn’t no balls would hit us which is good. That way you know no one got hurt but they I would kind of want to catch one. That’d be super cool.

Also, there’s number 20 on the team and I love him and I don’t know his name I don’t know who he is or always fun but I love him But anyways, yes, I’m just gonna talk for like probably three more minutes and I’m probably have enough for two or three Actually, I probably should talk for like five more minutes I can get three out of here. But anyways, so I to work at a golf course and all I had were like hot dogs and stuff until last night I did not want a hot dog because I wait to anyone I worked there so usually only chili cheese dogs were Sonic because that’s my favorite. Yeah, anyways, so we talked about mattresses and cleaning that we talked about cleaning your bathroom and your did we talk about cleaning your your toilets and stuff. Okay, well, this is how I clean my toilet. So I hate it. Like you have to really be careful. Like whenever you’re cleaning your toilet, what chemicals you put in there because most tools are made out of porcelain, like have a porcelain finish, you have to really be careful because some of the harsh chemicals can really damage that porcelain. And so you need to you know, make sure that it’s your bathroom and porcelain safe. And then you need to like I always like start off with my bowl, and then I kind of clean from there out just because Home Builder Amarillo TX that’s like the part I used to soak more I think just because I don’t know, I just always think it’s gross. Anyway, so like I always lift up the lid and do the little gel stuff all around it and I kind of let that Home Builder Amarillo TX soak I close to it.

And then I bleach everything down all the way from the lid to like the seat to the when you raise the sea up like a little brim of the bowl. I always bleach that off and then I bleach the top of the tank and like the stand on the toilet, like the body of it or whatever. I’ve always Home Builder Amarillo TX believed that down really good. I just think it’s really good to disinfect that like once a week is about how And I do it just because you know, so many germs can accumulate from there. And yeah, so that’s just kind of what I do. And then you can get a toilet brush, scrubber and like I always discover as we were asking around and make sure to really get